When no longer my ‘I’ is raging

Each time I try to make myself bigger, I get tinier;
Each time I want to make up for lost time, I lose it;
Each moment I delay embracing Eternity, I fall backwards;
Each morsel of life that I wish to rip and chew fattens only my ego.
Releasing my soul to the Soul and my heart to the Heart,
My will returns to the Will which first willed it to be;
And then when no longer my ‘I’ is raging, I find All resting quietly in me.

– Mignon Fahr


4 Responses to When no longer my ‘I’ is raging

  1. Josef Sefton says:

    The soul was made by God and belongs to God. It is that miraculous immaterial part of man with which he can seek, obey, love and serve God. Sin is the enemy of the soul and this is why we ought to resist sinful speech and sinful acts vigorously. Our soul needs restoring so let us turn to God , for the restoration of the soul is his unique gift.

  2. Kausar Bilal says:

    Very nice verses…I agree…”I” makes a huge breach between what we want and what we are…

  3. Irving says:

    Thank you Pastor Joseph and Kausar Bilal for the comments :) The raging “I” is indeed the cause of most of humanity’s misery, yet it is also necessary for the evolution of the species. A strong sense of self is truly necessary in order to tame it. Otherwise, lives are lived in self-loathing and quiet desperation. Then it is impossible to overcome the self-absorption.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Josef sefton says:

    Thank you Irving for writing about your viewpoint so clearly. My understanding of the matter is very different. As I see things only the giver of life can free us from living a self-absorbed life. Truly His perfect love can cast out self-loathing and any feelings of desperation that can beset us to our detriment. It is only when we become less that God can become more in our lives. Truly we find our true self in submission to God’s will. May God bless you and all your readers.

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