Except in Allah

There is no glory

no might, no power

no strength

no atom, no speck

no stone

no field, no forest

no mountain

no river, no sea

no ocean

no fish, no bird

no animal

no man, no woman

no earth,

no moon, no stars

no universe

no love, no hope,

no joy,

no mercy, no kindness,

no compassion

except in Allah!

– Irving Karchmar,  © June 2007

17 Responses to Except in Allah

  1. Achelois says:

    Amazing! Beautiful! You are a magician with words, brother Irving.

  2. almiskeenah says:

    Assalamu alaikum dear brother Irving,
    “only Absolute Reality is absolutely real”
    Wassalamu alaikum

  3. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters:
    Thank you for the kind comments :) The words came to me one night while looking at the stars, and though I am not sure it is a good poem, my heart feels that it is true.
    Ya Haqq!

  4. ~JehanZeb~ says:

    Asalaam alaykoum : )

    Your poem sings of the Great Spiritual Truth and Oneness of all Created things! It reminds me of what Rumi once said, “Love is a flame that burns away all that is not Allah!”.

    I totally understand your inspiration from the stars! I’ve been inspired many times just by looking at the sky, stars, and moon, or just thinking about how beautiful and vast our Universe is, Subhann’Allah. It’s comforting to admire the work of the Creator, especially when our lives are so busy.



  5. priya says:

    what beautiful expression dear brother .you are magician with words.thanks for sharing.

  6. sf says:

    Salaams Irving Bhai,


    Amazingly beautiful!!!

    Jazaak Allah Khair for sharing.


  7. irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:
    Thank you for the kind and generous comments. And JehanZeb, your Rumi quote is perfectly apt :) Here is another:

    Dream not of lights,
    Of marvels, of miracles
    For your miracles are contained
    In worshiping the Truth;
    All else is pride, conceit,
    And the illusion of existence.
    – Mahmud Shabistari

    Ya Haqq!

  8. Naveed says:

    Salaam brother!

    I think its about time I place an order for your book. =)


  9. Irving says:

    Alhamdulillah, dear Brother Naveed. I hope you enjoy it :)

    Ya Haqq!

  10. Merryweather says:

    Powerful! :)
    And I like the flow.

  11. curaezipirid says:

    Next lines read:

    “No life
    But for He”

    gift for the copyright owner of bro irving


  12. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving bhai

    Indeed! Ma sha Allah. Another beautiful poem.

    Come quickly and pour out another drop of Love for us, lest we die of thirst!

    Abdur Rahman

  13. jamilalighthouse says:

    beautiful, thank you!

  14. zxvasdf says:

    It’s thought provoking and leads me to think, without malice, no Allah except in…?
    We only know what He tells us, and that is like making sense of a photograph with three quarters of it burned off: for all we know the pervasive Allah could be an flea in the higher hierarchy of things, unseen and unknown by us piddling beings who live on the backs of fleas.

  15. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  16. […] over at the Darvish blog has written a nice poem that illustrates this, I happened to read today: https://darvish.wordpress.com/2007/06/29/except-in-allah/ […]

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