My Out of Body Experience – A True Story

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

This is a true story.

A few months after my 40th birthday, on January 14th 1986, I was rushed to the Emergency Room due to the devastating effects of a misdiagnosed illness. Had my sister not been visiting to see my condition and insist I go to the hospital immediately, the doctors said I would not have lived through the night.

In the emergency room my heart stopped, and the doctors had to revive it with those electric paddles you see in the movies. I remember it only vaguely, though I did have slight burn marks for a few days. Eventually they discovered that I had Cushing’s Disease, a benign tumor on the pituitary gland (which is in the middle of the forehead) that caused the hormones levels in my body to run wild. The natural steroid hormone ACTH, for instance, has a normal level of 200. Mine was 6000.

And since the pituitary gland controls other glands and body functions, I had also gotten high blood pressure and diabetes. It was the undiagnosed diabetes that was killing me. Eventually I learned that the diabetes had been untreated for so long and gotten so bad so quickly because of the tumor that I was fortunate to be alive. By that time my eyesight was blurry, my muscles so atrophied by dehydration that I could barely walk, and I found it difficult to think clearly. There were numerous other symptoms, but those were the major ones.

Alas, we are captives to this fragile shell of flesh. Fortunately, they had an experimental drug, aminoglutethymide,  that very slowly brought the hormone levels under control. Blood was drawn every hour to check the hormone levels, so both arms soon became black and blue from shoulder to wrist. Of course, being in a hospital has its own dangers, and I soon got a staph infection, endocarditis, which attacks the heart valves, and spent six weeks on Oxycilin therapy; another tube in my arm. I have a heart murmur to this day because of it.

I had so many tubes in my black and blue arms that it was almost comical. What wasn’t funny was the hormone-level induced paranoia. Like anyone on steroids, they affect both the body and the mind at those levels. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say I was my poor nurses worst patient.

The hormones would spike at night, and in the first days I would often go into a kind of catatonic state, sometimes for days. I would come out of it and the nurses would be standing around me saying, “Are you awake? Are you ok?” I once asked how long I was out, and they said, “Three days.” I didn’t know where I had been or what I had been dreaming, if anything.

About two weeks after I was admitted, when the doctors were still not sure if I would live from one day to the next, I remember lying in bed, on my back because both arms had tubes in them, and feeling very weak and strange. I had learned to recognize the physical symptoms of the onset of one of the catatonic states, but this was different. I felt certain that I was going to die.

And I did.

Like a flash, my consciousness, or soul, or spirit, or ka, left my body. I was flying upward around the balloon-like curved right hand rim of the universe at an impossible speed, faster than thought. I still had a body, but it was ethereal, light as a feather. I could see the small oval shapes of thousands of galaxies on my left as I sped past. A heartbeat later I was there.

In front of me was a long luminous table, like a raised dais, and seated there were beings bathed in light, but human in form. They had heads and bodies, and were robed in white, but I could not make out their faces. Were they angels? Judges? I don’t know. I think there were ten of them. At least that is the number that is in my head. Then I began to spin like a top attached to a string, though my consciousness looked straight at them. I am spinning and looking straight ahead. How is that possible? And I began to weep. I must be dead, I thought, and began, without any prompting or question being asked, to recount the sins of my life, and they were many.

Lying, cheating, stealing, gluttony, sex, drugs; all the small and great sins of boy and man. How small or large they were makes no difference. They were as big as my life then, and, besides my children, all I thought I had to show for it. Through my tears, I begged for forgiveness.

The being in the middle spoke easily in a calm, male sounding voice that I heard in my mind. “You are forgiven. It is not your time yet.”

Instantly I was flying back around the rim of the universe. The galaxies were on my right as I flew past, with an uncanny sense of going downward. In a heartbeat I was back in my hospital room in my body sitting bolt upright in bed. I was never more awake in my life.

When I finally went to sleep that night, I had a dream that I wrote a book that changed the world and brought peace to mankind. Now that is a sinner really trying to make amends, lol!!!

I began to recover then. Perhaps the medication was finally taking effect. Some years later I had occasion to see my medical records. On top of one page was written: Recovery is astounding. And so it was.

I left the hospital on March 7th, 1986, walking with a cane because of my atrophied leg muscles. For nearly a year I had to climb the stairs of my house by literally crawling up them on my hands and knees because my legs would not hold me. Slowly the muscles got stronger with use. By the time I had the operation to remove my pituitary gland on December 23rd 1986, I was fully recovered. After it was removed, the diabetes went away. The blood pressure returned to normal.

In those nine months between my release from the hospital and the surgery I began to write poetry. The words just streamed out of me in gulps, like great gusts of breath. I was so happy to be alive that love poured out of me in poems and in tears.

My state in that in-between time was one of infinite gratitude for the gift of my life, and for God’s infinite love and mercy and forgiveness. Like the stories I have read about people who have had near death experiences, everything afterwards seemed illuminated with love and the peace of mind of a new understanding of life. I wept a great deal at the most mundane show of tenderness and emotion, and still do. My kids make fun of me for it, but I don’t care. I know how precious a gift is this short life we are given, and the chance in it to give love and experience love, and through love, God’s love for us.

This ‘change of heart’ gradually diminished, and the ego-centered nafs roared back as strong as ever, but something was activated that did not go away and sought an outlet to nourish it. It led me eventually to the Sufi path and to the door of the Beloved.

Five years after being hospitalized and my out of body experience, I stepped on the path of the heart and was initiated as a darvish in the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. Six months after initiation, an idea for a book came to me during zekr, and twelve years after that I finally published the Sufi novel, Master of the Jinn. I doubt if it will change the world, but if it gladdens one heart for one day, that is enough for me.

Every word of this post is true. What details I have left out are not important to the reason for telling it. You may think it was a dream, a vision, or a hormone induced hallucination, and for a long time afterward, so did I.

I had been a cynic and agnostic for as long as I can remember. I have never believed in hell, but always desired to know what, if anything, lies beyond this life, to know what is meant by God. Perhaps this is always at the edge of consciousness in everyone. Now, after fifteen years on the Sufi path, I am sharing this story so you will know that beyond everything you experience and believe, there is a truth that is unimaginable, and that one day you too will experience it. It is written about in Holy Books, and phrased in lovely language and parables and aphorisms, poetry and stories, and lived through the lives of Prophets and Saints.

It is love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness and love again, so complete and encompassing that we are born out of it, and return to it in the end. It is the bond of this Love that each of us shares, felt most strongly in the bond between mother and child, but felt nonetheless by each of us to the degree that we let it in. The Sufi path is nothing more than this, life is all of this, and that is all I know.

Ya Haqq!

Note:  To read excerpts from Master of the Jinn, click here. God willing, it will also gladden your heart :)

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  1. mustahsin says:

    Wow brother your experience is fascinating and intriguing.

  2. syedhs says:


    That is a great story for you to share – well I dont mean your suffering throughout that period, but the result from it. And your story is indeed giving me an assurance that there is something greater out there, not reachable by our own eyes and so forth. Thanks for sharing!

  3. pbsweeney says:

    A brave and beautiful post. Who would not weep at such a sharing?

  4. Several severe traumas sent me to a therapist-hypnotist, a certified Ph.D. in psychology. While in deep hypnosis, I met the “light,” a divine presence, I swear. A warmth, a sense of safety and forgiveness, above all, an unconditional love lulled me into a world I never dreamed of. Spurred on to research, I feel privileged to share the following account and research sources with anyone who might be interested. Believable research about near-death experiences (NDEs) was critical after I met a “being of light” during hypnosis for healing the effects of a series of traumas. Without drugs, prescribed or otherwise, I believe that I met a divine presence. The therapy was more than I bargained for.

    Over the past 30 years, thousands of documented cases of near-death experiences have occurred. These NDEs have been the focus of many scientific studies at medical centers and universities throughout the U.S. and around the world. They are deeply mystical, ineffable events. While NDEs have common elements, no two experiences are identical: many have out-of-body experiences— accounts of viewing their surroundings from above or outside their bodies while clinically dead or unconscious during surgery, for example—details that are verified by nurses and doctors; meeting and communicating with mystical beings or deceased relatives; having a life review in the presence of “spiritual guides,” etc.

    NDE elements cut across all religious traditions including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Almost all report that their lives are dramatically changed after their experience, including becoming more spiritual, more loving and caring, and often changing their work lives to the caring or teaching professions. While NDEs have nothing to do with “faith” or “belief,” they are the essence of the religious experience.

    They find themselves with fewer spiritual, mental, and emotional problems, eagerly searching for a life of meaning, and a more spiritual life. This means evaluating their values. In simple fact, survivors live out Seneca’s insight: “He who fears death will never do anything worthy of a man who is alive.”

  5. azza05 says:

    Wow…..amazing, got ta catch my breath! Well written and thank you for sharing Brother!

  6. azza05 says:

    Got to ask……..sorry……but were you muslim at the time this ‘out of body experience’ happened? I dont know, im sorry.

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you all for the comments. And Gerald, thank you for your story and the links. I will read them and am sure I will find common experiences. Azza, no I was not a Muslim at the time. I was not much of anything. That is still true, though now I know it. PBSweeney, bless your tears :)

    Ya Haqq!

  8. azza05 says:

    You are much of something…..see how Allah guided you to the truth and into sharing this story with us that makes us think about the afterlife and god, and how you speak of God and the ways of the sufis on your blog. You are much of something brother!

  9. Shahrzad says:

    What a story.. I heard kind of story about a man, who almost died in a desert, bcs he got separated from the group of cartography without water and food. He got saved finally by a native. It led him to search and get muslim..

  10. ned says:

    This is an unbelievable story. I had no idea that this was the background that brought you to the Sufi path. And this is true meaning of Islam, from a heart-level perspective, as far as I’m concerned — Islam is the invitation to die before dying. Blessings on your path, dear brother. :-)

  11. Tom Mahon says:

    This excerpt is from the Urantia (Ancient Name For Earth) Book, Paper 47. You might enjoy reading it. I hope it will give you comforting information.

    On the mansion worlds the resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death. When you go from Earth to the first mansion world, you will notice considerable change, but if you had come from a more normal and progressive sphere (Planet) of time, you would hardly notice the difference except for the fact that you were in possession of a different body; the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on the world of nativity.
    The very center of all activities on the first mansion world is the resurrection hall, the enormous temple of personality assembly. This gigantic structure consists of the central rendezvous of the seraphic destiny guardians, the Thought Adjusters (fragments of God), and the archangels of the resurrection. The Life Carriers also function with these celestial beings in the resurrection of the dead.
    The mortal-mind transcripts and the active creature-memory patterns as transformed from the material levels to the spiritual are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters; these spiritized factors of mind, memory, and creature personality are forever a part of such Adjusters. The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity are present in the morontia (between the material and the spiritual) soul intrusted to the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardians. And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the Adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor.

    God bless you,
    Tom, Pflugerville, TX

  12. Irving says:

    Salaam and Greetings of Peace Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you all for the kind comments :) Tom, I have not read the Urantia but thank you for the quote. I think they are saying the same thing that many others have said about such experiences, but using different analogies. God bless you too :) Shahrzad, there are many such stories, mine is hardly unique, except to me :) And Ned, this is of course only part of the story. If you are interested, I wrote a post on taking the first step on the path. Here is the link:

    Ya Haqq!

  13. Shiraz says:

    Irving, thank you for sharing this story. After my very brief stay in the hospital, I fear to some extent my own body, yet at the same time, revel in being alive and laugh and smile at the stupidest things (actually I used to do that before too…). I had no near-death experience, but I think many years before my hospital visit could be considered, at best, a near-life experience. Now I’m starting to live for real, and thank God above for that. I am Muslim, yes, but I have no words to express any kind of certainty of belief, and the word agnostic (while limiting) probably describes a healthy part of my spiritual life. I am just thankful that I can see the “barakah” wherever it may be, in the signs of nature, in the laughter of kids, in the warmth of a hug, in the breath filling my lungs. God is great. And I thank God for what you share through your blog, and undoubtedly through your life.

  14. priya says:

    Dear Brother what an experience ,in India i have heard many sadhus they go to visit the multiverse after they go to deep meditation ……
    we are all sinners Dear brother but like you we dont admit it so humbly .
    your humbleness makes you such a lovely person you are ……
    thank you for the person you are……may the good Lord bless you abundantly with peace,love and wisdom ….

  15. Achelois says:

    The adhan for asr prayers can be heard in the background as I read this and together they are giving me goosebumps. It is said that angels change their duty at asr and it is a time when angels float between Heaven and the Earth.

    I have no doubt that you experienced near-death, dear brother and what a come back to life! Welcome back because we are so fortunate to be able to learn from you.

    Ya Haqq!

  16. Maliha says:

    Gorgeous Mashaallah; even in the illness there was mercy and such love that “dragged” you back to him. I am really happy for you brother and I have to say, I read Master of the Jinn twice and it gladdened my heart twice in a row. Take care of you.

  17. UmmFarouq says:

    I have been a bundle of nerves and anger all day. I just sat down and read this post. Now I am crying and wondering why I was angry or nervous at all. So easy to lose sight of what is truly important…
    Thank you for sharing this.

  18. Muneer Mohamood says:

    There are many cases on NDE (near to death experience) cases .. god is great… there is power beyond of our imagination… keep praying ..

  19. Ashley Lyn says:

    A truly beautiful and honest post. Your words are a comfort during this time of trial for me. Thank you for the gift of your story.

    Many blessings,
    Ashley Lyn

  20. Barbara says:

    Wow Irving! I love reading how people get initiated or found the Sufi path. I went to your 2006 post to read the rest of how you became a Sufi and found it very interesting and amusing (my blessed Pir-O-Murshid also initiated me when I least expected–right there and then! wham-o! and yeah! [withour realizing it, I said to Him in thought, “my life is yours”], something I’d NEVER ordinarily do). I didn’t even know Sufis and the such exisited…and stupid me, I thought all men were ‘just’ merely ordinary men…Huh! No wonder so many people walk with their gaze down and don’t look people directly in the eye! We never stop learning. In Spanish we say, “learning is from the crib till the crypt”…and yes, LOVE is the first/last question/answer.

  21. V G Pal says:

    Thank you for sharing your marvelous experience.
    Thousands of Near Death Experience Descriptions are available on the internet.

  22. almiskeenah says:

    Assalamu alaikum dear Irving Darvish,
    SubhanAllah…for the amazing journey to Him and for the courageous act of sharing this publically. Alhumdulillah for the One, Al-Hakim, The Perfectly Wise in the how, why, when, and what of rescuing chosen ones, piercing hearts with His Hidayah. May we in turn honour this blessing by serving this gift of gifts and begging Him Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to bestow the same blessing on others, Ameen Ameen Ameen.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  23. Merryweather says:

    Thank you for enriching us by sharing your experience… this was a moving story that brought tears to my eyes… for some time, my mind was blank.

    And I can say your book is indeed special… it got me out of a distressing situation in a magical way :)

    Peace & Blessings be upon you.

  24. mshahin says:

    Subhanallah!!! I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for sharing this deep and important experience wit h us. It definitely changed your life. I’ve always been fascinated by near death experiences. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf also had a near death experience when he was in a car crash, and that led him to Islam. Allah was truly merciful in giving you that experience, and it has brought you nearer to Him. May Allah grant you the best in this life and the Hereafter.

    Wa Salaam

  25. Iythar says:

    Salam brother Irving

    It’s amazing what you went through, and it’s not just the out of body experience, it’s the test of patience that you’ve passed resembled in your long illness, masha’Allah..

    I think it’s important for everyone to read and know about such experiences and use them as a reminder of the short time we’re spending on Earth and that it’s nothing but a test.

    Thanks a lot of sharing this.


  26. Muse says:

    We are honored by your beautiful writing and such open honesty. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal story with us.

  27. kevin says:

    asallam alaykum good faqir

    ahhh, I knew you had tastes of things that few others have had, and this confirms it! Fascinating my good man, just absolutely fascinating. Thank you for the honor of sharing it.

    ya wadud


  28. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Ameen to your prayer, dear Sister Almiskeenah :)

    All your kind comments warm my heart, and of course there is more to the story. The greater Jihad, the struggle with the nafs, is a daily trial, as it is for all who love and struggle in His name. Yet in times of doubt the remembrance of the Light, and the zekr of remembrance helps to remind me of what is truly important in life. Love to you all.

    We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and sometimes, during great stress or trauma, the spirit may slip out for a time. Allah knows the Truth.

    Ya Haqq!

  29. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving bhai,

    Ma sha Allah. A beautiful and moving story. At heart, I think that fear lies behind all our selfish actions: and fear, ultimately, is really fear of death. Beyond all things, lies Allah!

    Abdur Rahman

  30. Sumera says:

    Allah willed it Irving – and as a result of this experience you are a “better” man :)

  31. Pamela says:

    An incredible story, Irving! I always say I wear my heart in my tear ducts. :) Whether it is a child in distress, or the glories of horses or dogs or people running, or a beautiful song that causes them, my tears (and yours) are a reflection of awareness and openness to the beauties and challenges of life. Don’t let anyone rib you about them; they are the sign of a soft heart, something the prophet advised us to cultivate.


  32. Omar says:

    What an amazing story! That must have been an experience!

  33. Umm Yasmin says:

    God bless you akhee! It is the quiet hours of the night as I read of your mi’raj. Thank you.

  34. MysticSaint says:

    Praise be unto Him!

    While reading it with all my concentration (perhaps the most intense reading of all the blog posts among all the blog entries in the web i have ever read so far) my eyes became blurry when came to the end. tears and yes i can also feel hormones rushing through my body with emotions that can not be defined.

    interestingly, while studying Biomedical engineering, i am reading the same area of hormones (ACTH etc.) and i could imagine what a miraculous and dangerous medical condition you went through. even in the very hardcore medical term it is a miracle from where you recovered, alhamdulillah.

    and what is thousand times more interesting is just few days back i met a person who had multiple out of body experience (who died twice and saw herself being operated and could tell exactly what happened when her body was dead) .. and i could so easily see the parallel phenomena. Inshallah may be i will ask her and try to capture her experience as well. She didn’t have a clue and still have very little but she is a special soul i could tell while hearing her experiences and her psychic ability that i listened from her. thank you so much for sharing it and inspiring.

    May Allah bless you dear dear brother always, indeed you are among His blessed souls, inshallah and may you be accepted, amen. may your pen do write that book that change the world, individual heart and collectively. may what is shown in your vision come true!

    may Allah be with you, may Allah be with you, may Allah be with you. may your pen and mind be guided. amen.

    may we all again unite in the Infinite life, again.

  35. I’m so glad you flew back to us!!! I never knew any of this. We miss you! XOXO

  36. Irving says:

    I miss you too, Lala and Quinny :))) XOXOXO

    Brothers and Sisters, your kindness really touches my heart :)

    And Sadiq, Ameen to your prayer. Ameen. Ameen. There is more to be said, of course, not of my own story, but another I will tell in a follow-up post.

    “In all the worlds, there is nothing more occult than the spirit of man.”

    An old Sufi saying, and a true one, meaning humanity, that men and women have within them all the mystery of the cosmos. This quest to understand the mystery is the basis of human curiosity, and of science, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, psychology, and it has been expressed in art and literature throughout the ages. It may be part of the evolution of the species, as we evolve toward God.

    Allah knows the Truth.

    Ya Haqq!

  37. fa says:

    I’m breaking in tears


    somehow I visited your blog just right after reading an article on the life in the grave…

    May Allah love you, brother!
    May Allah love and forgive everyone who wept their eyes in longing for and fear of Him!

  38. Saaliq says:

    Greetings of Peace
    Lovely blog and very intriguing for the seeker..
    I have been wrestling with a question for the longest time now..
    Hijab as a purification of the spirit and energy..
    it keeps you connected to the light.
    BUt on the other hand, I do not want to manifest ‘religiousity’.. since so much has been done in the name of organised religion.

    What should one do?
    I am aware of medicine and energy purfication, so I know from the science that ‘alcohol’ is not good for auras/purification..etc.
    Hence I do not see this as an ‘organised’ faith ‘Muslim’ but as a seeker of Oneness..
    and one who loves the idea of Oneness and the Sufi Path..


  39. bingregory says:

    Tremendous! SubhanAllah!

  40. gs_jpr2001 says:

    You only see what u have been taught, in such cases a hindu sees the image of the one of the idols he is worshipping, a chinese buddhist sees buddha with chinese features & a japanese or korean will see a different buddha .

    We are born pure, then starting with our mother, father other family , society or anyone we come in contact with keep telling us what we are infact our life path& belief system has been decided & ordained for us much before we take birth. Then we start identifying ourselves with our society given false self & are even ready to die for it.

    Dropping all this & discovering ur own pure self is the sufi way. honestly u r still clinging to lot of false self , old beliefs & faith etc.

  41. […] Dervish (aka Irving bhai) has recently posted an excellent and moving account of the out of body experience that launched him onto the path of love.  Please spare a few minutes to read his heart-felt and […]

  42. Yursil says:

    Salamu’alaykum Irving Dayi

    With such special events comes a certainty that no mountain can move, its a very special blessing to experience that. Thank you for sharing


  43. musicalchef says:

    Interesting experience! I’m glad you survived it!

  44. matt says:

    Dear Irving,

    May the Peace, Grace & Blessings of God Be Upon thee & thine family


    Eid mubarak also & May the Beloved Accept all your ibada, jazakallah khair! for the moving & wondrous account!

    fi hifz Allah!

    your brother,


  45. Daniel says:

    “Wow brother your experience is fascinating and intriguing”
    You have my mind……… !! :)

  46. Umm Layth says:

    I’ve been trying to find some spiritual reminder within this past hour because I have been in great need of it today, and I found this. At first I thought it was a story you were sharing of someone else’s life, and coming to the part where you mention your book it hit even harder, because we know you.

    May Allah continue to bless you upon this path, and allow your own experiences, words of wisdom, to strike the hearts of others. Ameen

    Thank you for sharing this. This is the reminder that I needed.

  47. shibly says:

    salams dear brother,

    jazakallah, for sharing your experience. For me too, the path of Allah was
    opened after an incident. I was enjoying the reddish youth in college. And at that time, a messenger came to remind me of the upcoming and the present. At the initial stages I did’nt take care of it. I wished to get out of such people. I thought they are blocking my way at that time.

    As days passed by, one day night i felt a severe head ache, which prevented me from sleep. As time went on, it became worse and worse. The inner pain was severe, that i thought I am going to die that night. At that time, I came to realize that nothing is under my control. There is one power that drives me every second. He has been driving me for the whole life passed. And I, the blind was not seeing it. At that time I thought of the person who spoke to me of Allah, and life. At that time I realized that whatever he spoke was true. I felt deep regret and I cried that night. I asked Allah for forgiveness, and yearned for a chance. I told Him that I will follow your messenger, for the rest of my life. And He did so, Alhamdulillah.
    The next day morning was a new life for me. The tha’leem that i attended after this incident, was days of magical experiences. It opened my heart to the beloved. My mind came to peace with Allah and His rasool. Ayats, Hadiths starts living in me and my brothers. My inner-sight changed, and my approach to life too. All things around me appeared as a window to see Allah’s love, alhamdulillah. In myself, I found Allah’s love pouring in as a stream.

    My Shaikh, told that Allah, the beloved Has drawn me towards Him through that Head-ache. He did’nt let me go as I wished, Alhamdulillah.

    All these, when I am with my Shaikh and my lovely brothers. Whenever I am apart from them, mentally I felt frustrated and the selfish nafs rises up , and puts me in hell. But my Shaikh raises me to Heaven, through his mercy. And that is what is happening now. My true state is as bad as before, and he cannot see Allah, he does not beleive in Allah, he dont know how Allah is associated with him. My Shaikh is showing me every instant, Allah’s attributes, Allah’s love, Allah’s forgiveness…Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah not separate me and all saliks in the world, from their Shaikhs. May Allah illuminate the dark hearts. May Allah forgive us all for what we have done……Ameen


  48. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you for the kind comments and good thought :) And brother Shibly, Alhamdulillah! Your story was an arrow shot from the Beloved through the heart of all who struggle in His name. What love and beauty and you have graced us with. May Allah bless you and guide you and keep always close in heart to your Shaikh and dervishes. Ameen.

    Ya Haqq!

  49. AP3 says:

    What an incredible story, beautifully written! I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, but it does seem that in your case it made you stronger in body, mind and spirit. Your novel made me quite happy for more than just one day.

  50. norma kassim says:

    interesting brother irving!!

  51. azlan1971 says:


    This is a gift and a mercy. :D
    Please doa for all of us..


  52. michael says:

    A year or so ago, maybe even longer.
    I usually fell asleep around 04:30 AM every single night, no matter how early I went to bed I couldn’t sleep. This went on for about a year. I’ve been Muslim for almost 4 years now.
    One night I looked at my watch and sure enough, it was 04:28 AM and I still hadn’t fallen asleep as usual.
    I was still wide awake.
    Then I settled in knowing sleep would come soon–insah Allah[swt]. I “felt” something to my left coming from the left side of the room. All it was, was the deepest absence of light or a Black that no words can describe. I was in true Terror. I slowly, inch by inch moved my hand over to the side and put a pistol in it. The instant I had it in hand, I know it was of no good to me at all. I became even more terrified.
    This blackness was seeping towards me slowly, almost to me and I could do nothing, couldn’t even open my clenched shut eyes.
    Now, I’ve in my younger days, have been in Firefights (gun battles) and have even been chased by a Lioness. Being chased always was the most scared I’d known, until……….
    I’ve never know such fear as this before. Then while my eyes were clenched shut, I see ? and think “ahhhh a Muslim–a feeling of safety”……….I was “Instantly corrected” or admonished by something Thunderous I never physically heard that said clearly “NO~! this is the “Greatest Worshiper” of Allah[swt] there is”. Those exact words~!
    It was the figure of a male, no face or hands whatsoever, only a color of blue not ever seen by me before or after in a 2 piece garment with heavy vertical stripes I’ve never seen before and thinner horizontal ones too, but those didn’t stand out so much they were spaced so thinly and far apart.
    The face and hands were like gray slate with no features “at all” and was “screaming” something at this black thing (not a figure) in a language that didn’t sound earthly. My ears heard nothing, but I sure did and it was definitely not happy with this black thing/area. He walked around the corner, the shape of the room, next to the edge of the black thing while screaming at this thing and headed directly towards my bed. It was like a one sided arguement if that makes sense. It looked at me, or seemed to only once when it first appeared in my room. I didn’t invite it in, it just was there. I was scared to death but not “of” death—Worse, a completely different fear than I could ever imagine exists, a void so empty nothing could exist in it.
    I moved the cold pistol for his comfort and put a pillow between us since it was a male and I moved over when he pulled up the blankets to get in while still hollering at this thing while it retreated. I would liken it to some sort of smoke, but no smoke we know.
    Total serenity and complete safety overtook me and I fell asleep after I knew he was in comfort. I didn’t reach over to touch since it was a male and I didn’t need verification it was indeed there.
    I have no idea what it means but I can still feel and see it like it just happened and I Never want to know such fear again. The other thing is welcomed to return any time.
    I got rid of all my guns when I realized what fear really was and there really exists no earthly words to describe what happened for either of the two things, or the fear.
    And I know without any doubt that I was fully awake and had just looked at my watch.
    Since then I’ve tried to think it could have been a dream, but I know for sure it wasn’t.
    Also since then things in life are clearer than ever before, and life has become much harder than ever before.
    I’ve been wanting to share this with someone, but fear people will think I’m either insane or trying to draw attention to myself.
    I understand none of what happened, I just know it happened.
    Now I’ve shared it~!

  53. Darwisiy says:

    Subhanallah….door and doors for remembrance.To make thousand of apples to become one is to crush them all together.Subhanallah..subhanallah….May His Bless always with you brother…

  54. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    May Allah bless you all. You are in my prayers.

    And Michael, I have no doubt that what you experienced was real, though what to make of it, only Allah knows. I have felt that fear, though, and have come to know that there is no strength or power except in Allah, and that is all we need to sustain us. It is a hadith, I think, that there is both an angel and a demon ever by our sides, exhorting us to good and evil. It may be that you have seen both in one night, the darkness and the light, or at least as much of them as a human mind could absorb. May Allah bless you and keep you always in the light.

    Ya Haqq!

  55. michael says:

    I don’t believe–insha Allah[swt] the evil thing will return as long as I keep my Contract with Allah[swt] Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. Knowing the other came gives me an inner peace, that if I need him again—insha Allah[swt], he will return.
    What do I make of it, I sincerly don’t have the first clue and think about it “all” the time, especially when going to bed and looking at my watch. Don’t know if it was protection and validation, or that there’s some meaning to it.
    I also wonder why on earth me. I will wonder forever, only Allah[swt] knows and doubt I’ll be informed as to why.
    I never knew what it was to “fear” Allah[swt] before, but I think it’s more of a complete Awe, that one better believe and now I know what real fear is. A complete death would be by far better than being inside that thing for a minute.
    Gosh, if people could see and feel that little bit of smothering, compressed, evil void as their destination, the world would turn on a Dime to Goodnesss. I don’t for a minute believe I saw hell, perhaps its top atmosphere at most, it was bad. If it was an Evil Angel, he was Horrible. If the other was, he seemed to have been busy and far too overworked. No Kidding, I got the sense that he was both. It was a one sided arguement, is what it seemed like to me.

    I wonder do more have these things happen and not say anything.
    and if not, then why do those who do, have it happen to them.

    Very nice to meet some Fine People.

    Alsalam Alykum~!

  56. Anuradha says:

    I don’t think it was drug induced or anything like a hallucination. All of us refuse to immediately embrace such experiences because of our rational mind. Rejoice in your wonderful experience. I have had my fair share of them as well.
    God be with you.

  57. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Michael:

    Why some have it happen to them only Allah knows, Who in His infinite mercy guides Whom He wills. I think you have been blessed to experience it, and it is not a lesson that needs repeating, so do not fear it happening again. The mind can certainly play tricks on us, but I don’t think this was one of them. Asking “Why me!” is pointless. Why not you? There may be something you are meant to do in this life, and this experience may have awakened that purpose. Only time will tell. May Allah bless you with goodness and light, love and wisdom. Ameen.

    Ya Haqq!

  58. sf says:

    Salaams Brother Irving,


    Amazing out-of-body and out-of -this-world experience! Alhamdulillah, you are special to be one of His chosen few to experience this power of the ‘Unseen’. With Allah’s blessings, may you continue to inspire others and be a guiding light by so honestly and humbly sharing your wisdom, love and brotherhood forever. May the Sufi path lead you to a station closest to Him. Ameen

    Jazaak Allah for sharing,


  59. chaiwala says:

    Very interesting Irving bhai. Thank you for sharing this with us, it helps identify the essential meaning of life.

  60. Baraka says:

    Salaam dear brother Irving,

    Subhan-Allah, what an incredible story! What a gift to have glimpsed such certainty!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


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  62. Shirley says:

    Salam brother Irving,

    Respect for your sharing such a tremendous thing. Look at the floodgates you have opened!

    Jazaka Allah khair always.

  63. mark walter says:

    Brother Irving,
    I have had a number of such experiences, and have written of them a bit on my blog. I have found that most people tend to blow it off, and so I am delighted to read the receptivity of your many readers of this post. It was interesting that you were told that you were forgiven, because it seemed like the judgment you were experiencing was your own judgment, not that of the other beings. I have never experienced judgment by other beings in similar travels.

  64. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you all for your kind comments and understanding hearts :) And Brother Mark, I have gone over the experience many times in my head over the years, and I am not certain the being was judging me, but he forgave my litany of what have seems now like small and petty sins, if sins is the right word to use for being young and stupid and human. The feeling I got at the time was that they were acknowledging my repentance before they sent me back. It was not my time yet, thank God, and in the years since, though I have repeated the same mistakes at times, I do it less often :) It may have indeed been my own judgment I was experiencing, God knows. And though I have seen many strange things on the path, I don’t think this one will be repeated until it is my time, inshallah.

    But you have also reminded me of many other people whom I have met since then that have shared their stories of similar experiences, and that may be another post.

    Ya Haqq!

  65. Sis Zabrina says:


    As Salaamu ‘alaykum brother,

    SubhanAllaah, really touching post. I loved it. Indeed, when Allaah wants to bring us closer to Him, He will sent us some tests. I have really intrigued by your experiences. By dad had encountered many near death experiences when he was in the hospital and he did say something like floating etc. And being brought back into the earth. I really appreciate your sharing, brother, as it has touched my heart in a wonderful way. JazakAllaah kheyr.

    Salaam,Sis Zabrina

  66. Ruth says:

    I had a near death experience when I was 10 years old, and I have recently been writing about it in a new poetry collection. I was struck by the similarity between my experience and what you describe here – particularly the sensation of immense speed. The picture on my blog post for today (November 29th) is actually a painting I did of the experience. Here is an extract from the poetry sequence I wrote:

    I am swept backwards
    from the crown of my skull,
    rushing down the silver spiral
    that crosses the great web.
    There is no speed
    like this on earth.
    Even lightning stands still,
    a frozen river.

  67. Irving says:

    Dear Ruth:

    Your near death experience is truly amazing, and very similar to my own, at least in the speed of it beyond human reckoning. And the poem is wonderful, catching the experience and the way the mind sees it perfectly. “Even lightning stands still/a frozen river.” is a startlingly accurate image for it.

    And the picture you drew is eerily like one of the illustrations in Master of the Jinn. I am very happy you found my blog :)

    Ya Haqq!

  68. Maithri says:

    “I doubt if it will change the world. But if it gladdens one heart for one day, that will be enough for me.”

    Precious Brother Irving,

    I am a young doctor, a singer, a dreamer, a bundle of contradictions and imperfections. I was born in Sri Lanka, I now live and work in Australia. My father a Christian priest, as was my great grandfather and his father before….

    In the very short time I have known you, simply by the grace of your words, my heart has grown, my vision has expanded, my belief in the oneness of human kind and the power of love has been confirmed and consolidated.

    Your very presence in this world has changed my life,

    even though I have never heard a word you have spoken or even seen your smile.

    I want you to know, what I am sure you already must know….

    That yours is a powerful life. A life lived with passion, authenticity and tender grace.

    Your mere presence in this world, changes it ~ For the good.

    You are an angel of the light.

    God bless you dear Brother,

    Sending you my deepest love and humble gratitude,


  69. Fatima Rauf says:

    Ya Haqq
    Your account is not only beautiful, but a reaffirmation of Ar Rahman Ar Rahim. HE is Merciful to all of HIS Creation and Most Compassionate to the believers. His Love for us, HIS Creation, is veiled by those who sleep through this life. HE has created all in this world to serve mankind. ‘Which of the favors of our Rabb,[shall we] deny?
    May HE link the hearts of those who seek HIS Love.

  70. Desert Rose says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    What an experience! Inspiring!

    Reminds me that anything is possible. They say that “saints die everyday.” There is also a book written by Betty Jean Eadie who had a similar NDE. The book is called “Embraced by the Light.” Her experiences are similar. It is worth a read.

  71. Desert Rose says:

    I wanted to add this quote also, “Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future.”

    May you continue to be guided by Love, Wisdom and Truth.

  72. Curt says:

    Although I believe there is more to our Universe than what we can see, out of body expieriences, when someone is near death or under the influence of drugs, are not a very
    impressive event. Such states could be percieved by a mind that has its chemical balance thrown off of a proper setting for the correct functioning of the brain. People who use drugs claim to have out of body experiences as well.
    I would like to have an out of body expierience when I am not any where close to death.

  73. Tanya says:

    I believe that it was our Saviour in Heaven (Anointed One – Cristus – Christ) Who stands on the right hand of God. He is pure Love and Merciful and true Light. I have also experienced His vision full of light and supreme powerful love. And He is Divine Person who waits us to live perfect life in love and purity.

  74. Irving says:

    Thank you, Tanya :) You may be right, although I have no way of knowing, at least not yet. That the light was both love and mercy, however, I have no doubt :)

    Ya Haqq!

  75. I have had Out of Body Experiences on the Regular and Sometimes meetings with Spiritual Beings Etc. Some of my Experiences are Journaled on my Website as well as other Spiritual Truths that Ive have had Communicated and Learned over the years. Please Feel Free to Chat with me Anytime…Thanks
    Please Visit My Site at;

  76. rubina says:

    Salaams dear grandpa irving,

    thats 77 responses and still on!!

    that speaks on how many love you, grandpa irving.,

    God bless. Ameen.,

  77. S.ali says:

    Your experience is very interesting.I myself have experienced to my knowledge 3 different obe .one experience which my husband witnessed me fluently speaking Arabic language even though I cannot read basic very keen to get your responce on this matter .Allah bless everyone

  78. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sister S.ali:

    Indeed, Allah bless everyone. It seems that the experience is different for everyone, as everyone is a unique individual, and only Allah knows the truth of it all.

    Ya Haqq!

  79. Sarah says:

    Salam alikom

    I really have to ask you some questions after reading this; Do you read the Qur’an? And do you believe in the hadeeths of prophet Mohammad (pbuh)?

    If so, you may have read that when the soul leaves the body at time of death, the angel of death (Izrael) will collect it.
    If you have been a good pious muslim, the angel will appear so incredible beautiful, and he will ask you about your faith, if you did good and followed Islam etc and so on. If you were not a good muslim or a unbeliever the angel will appear horrifying and will ask you the same questions, but you will be confused, not knowing the answers, and then punished.

    Does this fit in with your experience? I mean, Allah does not lie. In the Qur’an you can read in many verses that He has prepared Hell for the disbelievers. Do you think Hell doesn’t exist?

    So how come disbelievers have reported the same experience, seeing “judges” sitting around a long table, and so on. That’s not the Islamic view of what happens after death. I would really much like you to answer these questions.

    In the Qur’an, Allah says that the shaytaans are watching us from a place we cannot see them (probably another dimension), and when one makes and out-of-body-experience you maybe enter into that dimension. It may all be an illusion created by the shaytaan to make people continue on the wrong path, so that they think that they will all be forgiven anyway so no need to live a pious muslim life.

    Do you think all people on this earth wil be forgiven, and all will be admitted into Heaven? Isn’t that totally against the Qur’an, where Allah says the sinners will remain in Hell for eternity, and even when they beg for forgiveness, He will say “You had your chance, now taste the punishment”?

    I’m not trying to sound rude or anything, I just want you to kindly answer my questions.
    May Allah lead us to the straight path. Ameen.

  80. Irving says:

    Alaikum Salaam Dear Sister Sarah:

    Thank you for the questions, and I am happy to answer them. Yes, I have read the Qur’an and the hadiths, and although the soul does leave the body at the time of death, I did not really die. I had an out of body experience in a state that resembled death, as far as I can determine. I do not know if the beings I saw there were judges, or simple sent to greet me and tell me it was not my time yet. I only know that it felt real to me, and still does.

    I do not know if Allah will forgive every sinner, but I am absolutely certain that there is no hell, except the one we may make for ourselves here on earth. The mystery of life and the hereafter are much more fascinating than we can possibly imagine.

    Remember that each word of the Qur’an has many layers of meaning, and so to understand it fully takes a lifetime of study. I am not wise enough to know them all, and I do not read or speak Arabic, so I have only read the English translations.

    I have answered you as best I can, but please ask more questions if you wish :)

    Ya Haqq!

  81. Sarah says:

    Asalam alaikom again…

    Thanks for your response.

    Alot of people have out-of-body and near-death-experiences, and what I can tell by reading alot of them is that, everyone’s experience is different. Christians tend to see and talk to Jesus, some atheists doesn’t see anything at all but just a calm environment, other see relatives greeting them, others travels through a tunnel of light…

    My theory of all this is, when the soul leaves the body (as in sleep) it travells to another dimension. In this dimension you can experience anything you want practically. And because when you’re having an out-of-body experience you are very conscious, as if you were in your body and wide awake, it does seem very real cause in fact you’re just in that dream dimension.

    If you don’t believe Hell exists, then there’s no “option” for Allah but to forgive the sinners cause there’s no other place except Heaven to go to… So that’s a bit confusing. I do believe in a Hell, cause Allah warns strictly against it alot in the Qur’an, so I don’t see how anyone could deny it…
    And Allah knows best.

  82. theman says:


    wow… thats an amazing story… im only 13 years old, but know alot about OBE’s…. im not sure if going to a judge type place and experiencing all that is actually what OBE…

    but i take your word for it. and this is probably religiously related and not siencificly releated….. this is an experience of not an earthly OBE, but a Spirtual/Divine OBE.

    Im sorry about all that time you spent in the hospital… good that you are better and enjoying life…

    I will surly read your book,


  83. Ange says:

    Subhanna’Allah. It is like what Allah tells us – we will be judged and the different parts of our bodies will speak of the sins they committed.


    You were lucky to be granted another chance.

  84. Hanif says:

    I really do hope and pray that you do change the condition of hearts and you continue to persevere on the path with sincerity and love.


  85. tawheda says:

    Amazing! Thank you for this.

  86. Subhaaan’Allah!

    Jazakallah khayr for this. I think you are quite brave for sharing it- you do it so beautifully too.
    Your tribulation was a great ni’mah for you…Alhamdulillah.



  87. m.m. fahren says:

    “Brother, we must die!” is what a certain order of Christian monks says routinely to one another. “Let me live as one who is dead.” is the Zen aphorism.
    Could this be to what they are referring?
    Irving, this account is at least as important as your work which flowed from the experience! I was born with a heart murmur, and have never felt totally ‘in’ body. We are in the same Great Heart and you are certainly in mine.

  88. Irving says:

    Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

    Thank you all for your kind comments :) And M.M. Fahren, I too have a heart murmur, caused by a staph infection received during my hospital stay. At night it beats so loudly sometimes, it sings me to sleeps :)

    Indeed, we are all in the Great Heart, and you are also in mine :)

    Ya Haqq!

  89. narjis says:

    salaam aleikum Abu
    I believe every word you write!
    alHamdulil’Lah wa shukrulil’Lah for your sharing and for everything…

  90. Ya Hagh!

    As stated by others, thank you for sharing your story with us. We all have the potential to be trees that seed still other trees, but must first be seeded ourselves. I am reminded of the teachings of Sheikh Isa who says in the Injeel “I came to bring life and life abundant.”

    From trees such as this many seeds are planted and we are all grafted into such a tree once its seed has been swallowed whole. I doubt we will ever meet you and I at least, not here, but will in another khanaqa.

    Ka kite ano and masalamah.

  91. Dr Mourad Rashad says:


    Many think that out of body experience is enlightening. It has a very limited value on the spiritual path if any.
    A radical change in the manner with which a man experiences life has to happen. Instead of man experiencing life through his nafs a change where he will experience life without his nafs. Then his path actually begins.

  92. Chand says:

    Thanks for sharing, I have myself had quite a few experiences they have made me feel like the luckiest person alive, the purpose of this human birth is to experience DIVINE LOVE ie GOD within ourselves however I believe it all happens with the Lords grace

  93. Susan says:

    Irving, thank you for reminding us who have not, yet, been forced to encounter physical death, meet God face to face as The Reckoner and know with all certainty, that everything we have ever thought, said and done would be recounted in an instant at that encounter. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for accepting the invitation to be fully alive!! You have shared so many resplendid gems with us so far and look forward to reading your book. Sounds like a true manual for “How to be alive and know when you are not!” Love, Susan

  94. HashimHafsa says:

    “There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamed of in ‘our’ philosophy.” Alhamdulillah! Your ‘experience’ tells me to root out entirely the troublesome thoughts I’ve been trying to hide, but: you said that you believed all marriage was sacred, including gay marriage. If I ask you what you mean…

  95. Marta Calo says:

    Dear Irving, I had one when I was four years old. I also had one and another the next day when I was about 36 but these last two were out of body experiences. the first one it was an out of body experience during a near to death experience. Thank you for sharing your episode. and it is a Lovely Beautiful way to connect to the Unseen.

  96. donia says:

    ya haq thank you for sharing ur story i am so glad that mircal happend so you can help human beings that are lost in this physical world.

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  98. sha says:

    subhanallah truly wonderful story,may Allah bless your soul

  99. Albu says:

    This story reminds me of another similar case. I had a neighbor who was not interested in religion at all. When I saw him after 10 years he was a devoted Christian. When I asked him what change him so dramatically, he told me that he was one day electrocuted and pronounced dead. He saw his body laying on the table in the hospital. Then he passed through space and found himself in front of 10 men robed in white. As he was passing in front of them, each one was nodding his head, but the last one said: “No, he is going back! He is not prepared yet.” In the next moment he was back in his body. The he began researching the various faiths, and came to the conclusion that only Jesus Christ promises his followers complete forgiveness, if they believe in Him. Jesus was the only one who gave assurance to the people who accepted Him. That’s how I became a Christian, he said. Now, I am forgiven and a know for sure I have eternal life!”
    Doing good deeds is not enough for salvation. We need somebody to pay for our sins, and the only One who can pay for them is Jesus Christ, blessed be His Name!.

  100. Roohana says:

    walaikum Assalam
    peace n blessings be with you.
    now i m impressed even more by reading this. i love u sir. for the sake of Allah s.w.t. you take the soul to a strange journey of experience while reading, my mind get mused to such an extent. i dont have words to pen down my feelings you r so kind humble in you sincere n truthful writtings. it enlightens the spirit. now my heart feel like to cry to think where we are standing in the path of our devotion of our soul to Allah n his worship n love of prophet?

  101. Irving says:

    Thank you for the very kind words, Dear Sister Roohana, though I am an unworthy darvish, and have taken only one step on the path of love. May Allah bless you for your love and compassion. Amin.

    Ya Haqq!

  102. Aaron says:

    Irving your story is very satisfying for someone like myself to read. I would like to use your story in a paper on altered states of conciousness in religion because I believe it is awesome that you experienced. Although it seems as though you went through so much, from what your story indicates you are glad it happened. May I ask, how did you come to be the faith that you are now?

  103. Irving says:

    Thank you, Aaron, and of course if it will be of any help, you may use my story in your paper :) As for how I came to be a darvish, here is a post I wrote about it some time ago, entitled Taking the First Step:

    My other Sufi and spiritual writings are collected in the blogroll on the right, under the heading My Writings :)

    Ya Haqq!

  104. Sam says:

    Your a nut job

  105. Irving says:

    All Sufis are madmen, so I take that as a compliment, friend Sam :)

    Peace and many blessings to you and your family :)

  106. good brother says:

    my dear brother who is the person who said your sins are forgiven when you had the experience who looked like man but had the right to forgive you sins have you ever read the bible please do

  107. Irving says:

    Ah, my dear brother, if you are suggesting that the being of light who said my sin are forgiven was Jesus, I can only say that I did not see his face clearly. The beings were truly made of light to my senses, and the one in the middle who spoke, though he seemed to speak for them, was no more distinct than the rest, although they were all man-like in form to my consciousness. They could have been angels or prophets, or Jesus and some of his companions. I simply do not know… yet :)

    Peace and many blessings!

  108. jeff says:

    Wow! Everything that you described is exactly what I went through just last month while on vacation in Dominican Republic. I suffered an asthma attach and couldn’t breathe or move then everything you mentioned happened to me. I was judged and prayed for forgiveness and was also told it was not my time. Just a couple weeks later I have made so many big changes in my life that I never imagined before this and have never felt better. I quit my accounting job and I am now looking into pursuing a career in fire fighting. I have a whole new perpective on life.

  109. Irving says:

    Wow is right, my dear brother Jeff! I am very happy to have read your description of your out of body experience, and how similar it was to mine :) I can only wonder at the love and forgiveness that God extends to us, and am delighted that it changed your life as well. I wish you all success and happiness :)

    Ya Haqq!

  110. Kenzie says:

    Same thing happened to my uncle Hank! People think he is crazy but he explained to me in detail almost exactly like your story. God even told him it wasn’t his time yet!

  111. Irving says:

    Thank you, Kenzie, for sharing your uncle’s story. The similarity of the experiences across a large number of people makes it all the more real to me. Please extend my best wishes to him :)

  112. blackdove says:

    I’m a satanist,and Iv practiced out of body experiences,and frankly Iv barley recently gotten results,but thats because it takes time & patience to get into the astral plain.anyway,your experience is interesting.the way you floated out of your body.I hope your doing better now.wish you luck and hope that your recovered :)

  113. No says:

    How is sex a sin? Wouldnt be any people if no one did that.

  114. wabs says:

    1)sex before marriage is SIN!!!

    2)No religion will take us to heaven – only believing on the one Messiah who came to redeem us from the grip of sin (sin- missing the mark). He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father (God) but by me”.

    Those who have had an OBE and descended towards hell will attest to this – that Jesus, not christianity, is the only way out of hell after one dies!!!

    Thanks bro for your article which I also notice from it that there is no mention of religion, just your deeds is all what matters! May we then, make sure we have ‘the way’ prepared before we kick the bucket. Be VERY VERY SURE of THE WAY!

  115. IronMan_44 says:

    Your a liar!!….Quote from the bible . “…The distance from heaven and hell is too great…” even for God you are not greater than God you worthless liar!

  116. wabs says:

    I was quoting from the bible: John 14:6, my dear!
    God is omnipresent! He is every where……, hell, Heaven, inbetween, everywhere! He is the creator of everything.. including the galaxies, hell n His dwelling place(Heaven)!
    Oh! & nothing that God created is worthless……, unless of course you consider His works as such! Blessings brother.

  117. What a incredible story! I have never heard of the sufi path, so I thought that was very interesting. I also experienced life after death, an experience that’s hard to put into words. It appears we all go through some pretty amazing things. Thanks for sharing your story!
    God Bless, Lisa Tesch

  118. Muhammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum I had a similar experience except I didn’t see anything except I heard a physical disembodied voice in November 12 2010 Saturday at 4am after that I embraced Islam I was 17 years old. Before Islam I was a blasphemer I use to say I was better than God astaghfurallah then on that day that I wrote above this sentence I cursed Allah Astaghfurallah then that’s when I heard the voice. It said the word You in a strong tone but not by whispers like the Satan Arrajeem it was a clear voice. Then after the voice I felt like my soul was being pull out of my body in a rough way then I started praying differen religions prayers except islam my last religion prayers was Christian prayers but none of those prayers worked then I was wondering why did is happening am i going crazy I was doubting myself but that didn’t help then I remember why and what made me feel peace was one word Allah then I felt good like nothing happen so I felt my soul was not being pull anymore just by saying Allah only so Allah saved me that day so I embraced islam

  119. Irving says:

    Alaikum Salaam Brother Muhammad:

    Alhamdulillah! Allah indeed had mercy on you :) I am very happy for you :) Ya Haqq!

  120. citbel says:

    how can you be muslim and asufi when u do not believe in hell? Existence of hell is a truth of Islam. Travel again and check more clearly.

  121. Muhammad says:

    I am a Muslim only i don’t believe in religion i only believe in Islam and i submit to Allah And i believe in Allah and believe in The Angels and i believe in the nabis and rasools and i believe in all the holy books of Allah and i believe in The criterion from right from wrong and i believe in The appointed term and i believe in The day of resurrection and i believe in The day of judgement. I believe in The Sunnah and Sharia also and of course The Holy Quran and i am not Sunni or Shiite or sufi or Quranist or Ahmadi or Wahabis or Ibadis or nation of Islam or submitters. I am Muslim but i respect sunnis Shiite sufis Wahabis ahmadis etc. Islam is more than a religion it is a complete and total way of life it is not a religion because religion is man made no offence.

  122. OBE as described here is fascinating like a racing story. There are loopholes to disbelieve. My own OBE is different. In one day when I was alone I saw myself out of body and I was going outside the room leaving the body. I was terrified. I came back to sense.. Fear gripped me. I took several hours to come back to ground .

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