Out of Body Experience – Part II

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Once more, dear readers, thank you for your comments on the previous post about my out of body experience. They have enriched the post immeasurably.

And there is no doubt that some of you have experienced something similar. Here is one true story I was told.

I began dating a very gifted and spiritual woman about a year and a half after my hospital stay, who also happened to be a psychologist. No, I wasn’t seeing her professionally lol. But after some months, I did tell her about my illness, the hospital, and my out of body episode. I thought at the time that it was my own fear of death that caused me to have a dream of confession and redemption.

I said, “What do you make of that?”

She said, “What makes you think it didn’t really happen?”

She then told me that she had also had an out of body experience. At the instant of giving birth to her first child, as the baby was actually leaving her body, she described having a feeling like a tremendous orgasm, and that immediately her consciousness flew out of her body and was enveloped in what she described as a “pure golden light of endless love.” It was so transcendent and beautiful that she never wanted to leave. She thought she might have died, but didn’t care. That light of pure love was all-embracing. Then she heard the far off cries of her newborn daughter, and that forcibly pulled her consciousness back into her body. She had tears in her eyes at leaving that “place.”

I have often wondered if that “place” was the source of a mother’s love, the bond between mother and child. Or perhaps the source of all Love, the sea of light from which our lone drops are formed in this life.

She later did a small, all-woman study about such experiences, and received some surprising results from the study group. Apparently 5% of the women who responded have had similar experiences, sometimes during childbirth and sometimes even during orgasm. But women don’t speak of it, attributing it to the stress of labor, to pain medication, or the rush of hormones during sex. (No wonder the French call orgasm the “little death.”)

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and only for a short time. We come from that Light, and return to it after our time is over. And since I have come to think that our time in this life is allotted, as the luminous being implied when he said, “It is not your time yet,” I have for many years thanked God each morning for the wondrous gift of my life, for the love He has given me and the mercy He has shown me all the days of my life.

Each day, each moment is a blessing.

As it says in the Koran: “Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs to those who believe.” (45:2)

Ya Haqq!

18 Responses to Out of Body Experience – Part II

  1. Achelois says:


    “Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs to those who believe.” (45:2)

    I believe!

  2. Shahrzad says:

    Beautiful.. A mom who wanna give birth to her baby, give life to him too.. That’s same.. Like she dies to make her baby alive..
    I think what that woman experianced – the light, the love and the peace- was not something usual. Her death could happen when she wanted to deliver her baby and be a mom.. The only love that is true love and God appreciates moms so much..
    Heavens are under moms’ feet.. She experianced the heaven maybe..

    P.S: I like the sentence you wrote under your blog title. Junayd Baqdadi is great grandfather of Abdul Qadir Gilani.. Yesterday i was reading about him, and today i found at the sentence in your blog.. Interesting :)

  3. azza05 says:

    Mothers pain during chilbirth is unbearable to think about.

  4. Merryweather says:

    wow… I loved this post! Praise be to Allah.

  5. hughstan says:

    About this same subject, but connected to your earlier blog, ‘My Out of Body Experience – A True Story, your personal experience was remarkably like mine.

    It was in a time a deep and almost overwhelming stress in my life, that I was taken out of this world. Just like you said, it was plain to me that I was travelling at a great speed. Planet earth behind me rapidly shrunk to the size of an orange and then disappeared. Then through the stars and beyond, out to where it was all black and there seemed to be nothing. Then our stories change a little, but not in the essentials.

    I came face to face there with an incredibly old person, dressed in white, who didn’t say anything but just looked deep into me through eyes that I could see recognised all that was wrong in my life. Nothing about me was hidden from those eyes. At the same time the love in those eyes clearly showed that all was forgiven. I suddenly felt whole and clean through and through.

    All the distress and burdens that had been weighing me down left me at that instance.

    The journey back was similar.

    Through the darkness first, and then the stars. I could see a tiny planet earth expanding before me into a sphere, then easily recognisable planets, and then almost immediately after I was back where I had started.

    And now, reading your blog posts, I am reminded of that time and more than anything, for the first time, am convinced that somewhere there is a great and perfect love that cares for us all on earth, without discrimination.

    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, brother.

  6. Sumera says:

    :) Nicely demonstrated Irving

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. They really do add depth and understanding to the post :) And to you, Brother Hughstan, what a beautiful and enlightening comment. No matter what religion, race, creed, or path you follow, there is always, always the promise of God’s love and forgiveness, from Whom indeed nothing is hidden. I am very happy that you shared your amazing experience with us all :)

    Ya Haqq!

  8. azza05 says:

    Nice story Darvish :)

  9. Krishna.N.C says:

    Dear and Respected Irving,
    As they say, sometimes there are no words and sometimes words are not enough.Thats exactly what i would want to express for your Out of the Body Experience-1 and 2.The depth of your emotions and the Love you possess for the Lord is so inspiring and i am really so much in awe of you and your profound thoughts.I love your writings sir and need to have your blessings on this marvellous path.Your blog is so enlightening and a true delight for all seekers like me.
    I pray that may God bless you with more than what your soul desires and may you always bask in His Eternal Love.
    Love and hugs:-)

  10. annie says:

    as always, your post has helped me in many ways. spiritually and emotionally, i grew in a variety of ways. seeing some of my own experiences from this perspective made me able to clarify.

  11. Kozi Wolf says:

    Interesting. Within Native traditions there’s something called the Quodoshka- or the spiritual- sexual catalyst energy.
    Some friends took this workshop that centred around this where they learned certain exercises. It seems like the Kundalini energy. They did certain breathing and visualization techniques and brought their orgasm to a level where it could take them out of their bodies. It seems like a skill that can be learned through practice.
    The teachers said that this is the full purpose of an orgasm-to connect you back with the spiritual self.

  12. Ardent says:

    When I read Out of Body experience Part 1, the story was beautiful and spiritual. But Part 2 seems totally far fetched. I have had two children and I can assure you it feels nothing like an orgasm or out of body experience. None of the women I know have had an accompanying out of body experience. I await to read Part 3.

    Hughstan, many people who have out of body experince say that – all that was wrong in their life flashes before their eyes. Would you be able to share with the readers examples of what was wrong with your life or what was considered wrong with your life?

  13. Shiraz says:

    Makes me think of what little I know about the idea of sex as a source of cosmic union, one small aspect of some strains of tantra. I don’t wish to sensationalize it, simply mention that.

    Whether or not I or anyone can verify the objective truth of such experiences is irrelevant and even the wrong question. The point is that you FELT something, it was deep and powerful, and it changed you, this ineffable, mystical, trans-rational experience. People have been trying to forcefully replicate these kinds of moments of supernatural wonder throughout the ages, haven’t they? It’s not easy. I mean, people spend their whole lives training to achieve that, in some cases. At best, we can catch slivers of it…

  14. crimsonsilk says:

    My 1st thought was of kundalini energy too.

    Childbirth even in modern times with all the drugs and technology we have, is still an extremely risky process, and many women die of childbirth all over the world, including the west.

    Did your friend experience near-death as a result of the trauma of childbirth, or did she experience a kundalini type energy (which is inherently creative in nature)?

    Or perhaps something else entirely? It’s an interesting question :)

  15. harmonie22 says:

    What a wonderful post. I too had an out of body experience when I was younger, after being involved in an almost fatal car accident and where I was pronounced as clinically dead for several minutes. I remember it clearly and it was a pivotal spiritual experience that I look back on as a blessing, for how many of us truly get a first-hand confirmation of eternal life after the body expires, and of God? I am a better person today because of it.

    Thanks for sharing, I think it takes courage to talk about this (for me anyway).

  16. Rabu says:


  17. dinda says:


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