A Right Course of Action

July 7, 2018

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

So this happened today…

Looking through boxes we have had in storage for many years, I found a scrap of paper on which I had written a prayer, possibly for inclusion in a future story. I don’t remember. I threw it into the large black trash bag along with the rest of the detritus.  Then had lunch and did other errands, while the prayer I had casually thrown out literally prayed on a corner of my mind. It is only a scrap of paper, I told myself, and went on going through boxes.

Then I remembered the old Sufi tale, or it remembered me, where an old man finds a soiled scrap of paper on the road on which is written the name of God. He picks it up reverently, kisses it, and takes it home. He cleans it and perfumes it,and gives it a place of honor in his Qu’ran. That night as he slept, God spoke to him, saying, “O man, as you have honored My name and purfumed it, so will your name be perfumed and honored among My beloveds.”

Honestly, I wept at the thought of it, and dug through the trash until I found the scrap of paper.  This is what was written:

“O God, Bestow Thy mercy on Thy poor servants, and provide for us a right course of action.”


Ya Haqq!