Song of the Heart

There is a true song of the heart
It is sung in the tongue of Angels
Unheard, except in whispers of their flight
Yet its harmony caused the darkness to depart
And the world to arise in light

Beauteous it is beyond compare
And every living creature has a part to share
In the joyous, wondrous sound
Commanded to the Seraphim, highest of the nine Angelic orders
Of which Cupid is the most renowned

Yes, Love is the eternal song,
And each star a celestial instrument
Orchestrated as they belong
To the moon’s accompaniment

Now when my beloved looks at me, and smiles so happily
I cannot but respond with love
Joining in the living song, two hearts aglow for however long
Repeated one hundred million times a day
By each lover that would the night prolong

– Irving Karchmar, © 1986

9 Responses to Song of the Heart

  1. otreesparrow says:

    Gorgeous, rich, sumptuous language and haunting layers of meaning. :)

  2. saly says:

    Mashallah! I have no words to describe the beauty your words present and represent. I loved the 4th stanza. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

  3. saly says:

    Sorry, its the 3rd stanza and it reminds me of some of Ibn Hazm’s verses.

  4. Maliha says:


    beautiful mashaallah:)

  5. Thank you all for the kind and generous comments :)

  6. Hoo
    Salaam Akhavi

    It’s very bautiful , Saly with a lot of words can not describe it. My english is not good , so silene is better for me than use of feeble words.

    Please write of light’s bestower , beloved light , ghotb al aghtab , seyed al movaheddin , Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh Kirmani.

    I find you today but I don’t forget you never. I want to read all of the your books and all of the writings.

    Ya Haqq

  7. yes, he’s Davoud Azaad. I want to put some of him music in weblog at soon.

    Ya haqq

  8. tempest says:

    This is ever so beautiful, after reading it one only can feel love.

  9. mshahin says:


    Gentle in tone, and uplifting to great heights in meaning. I love the rhymes too, and it has a distinct rhythm. Excellent!

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