Dhu-l Nun the Egyptian meets an Old Woman on the Road

October 18, 2016

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“Dhu-l Nun al-Misri, called the Egyptian, relates that as he was journeying from Jerusalem to Egypt he saw in the distance someone advanving towards him and he felt compelled to ask a question. When the person came near he perceived that it was an old woman carrying a staff and wearing a woolen cloak. He asked her from where she came. She answered ‘from God.’ ‘And where are you going?’ ‘To God.’ Dhu-l Nun then drew forth a piece of gold which he had with him and offered it to her, but she shook her hand in his face and cried, ‘O Dhu-l Nun, the notion which has arisen in your mind of me is from the feebleness of your intelligence. I work for God’s sake, and accept nothing unless from Him. I worship Him alone and take from Him alone.’ With these words she went on her way.”

–  Hujwiri, in the Kashf al-Mahjub, the Revelation of the Mystery (trans. Nicholson, with minor edits)

Ya Haqq!