King Solomon and the Jinn

And now listen, those that have ears, to a tale of Solomon the King. Yes, Solomon, the mightiest and wisest ruler of the earth that ever was or shall be. Wealthy beyond measure was Solomon, and with such wisdom as only Allah may bestow. And lo, he commanded the wind, and both men and Jinn, birds and animals. All were servants unto him. Yet he lost favor in the sight of God, for neither wealth nor power nor wisdom brought him enlightenment.

His true name was Jedidiah, the ‘friend of God’ but was
later made Shelomo, Solomon, the ‘King of Peace,’ because of the peace that prevailed during the greater part of his reign. And other names he had also: Ben, because he was the builder of the Temple; Jekeh because he was the ruler of the known world; and Ithiel, because God was with him.

It is written that at the time Solomon began the building of the Temple, Assaf, the Vizir of Solomon, complained that someone was stealing precious jewels from his rooms, and from other courtiers as well. Even the royal treasury was not immune. Now Assaf was also renowned for his wisdom and knew that no ordinary thief could have done these deeds. ‘Some evil spirit causes this mischief,’ he counseled the King.

Solomon then prayed fervently to God to deliver the wicked spirit into his hands for punishment. At once his prayer was answered. The archangel Michael appeared before the
King, and put into his hand the mightiest power that ever was or shall be in this world…a small, golden ring, inset with a seal of engraved stone.

And Michael said: ‘ Take this ring, O Solomon King, son of
David, the gift which the Lord God hath sent unto thee. Wear this ring, and all the demons of the earth, both male and female, thou wilt command.’

Now, many medieval sources claim that the pentalpha, or
pentacle, the ancient sign of sorcery, was engraved on the ring, because Solomon was said to have been a master of the magic arts. But the pentacle is older than Solomon,
first seen on pottery from Ur of the Chaldees, in ancient Babylon.

Other sources describe the ring as made of pure gold, set
with a single shamir stone; a diamond perhaps, or the same heavenly green shamir stone said to have been part of the Temple. The stone was cut and set in the form of an eight-rayed star. On it was engraved the hexagon seal, and within that the four letters of the ineffable name of God.

No stone was ever so renowned as the stone in the ring of Solomon. For with it the whole earth came under his sway. Only death was beyond his power to control. Yes, death is beyond all power, save the One. There is no remedy for death other than to look it constantly in the face. We who are born will die; we must submit. Even he who held the world under the seal of his ring is now only a mineral in the earth.

Armed with the ring, Solomon commanded the guilty spirit
to appear. He wore the ring on the mid-finger of the right hand, and pointed it at the foot of his high throne,
saying, ‘By the power of the seal of the one God, I command thee, troublesome spirit, to come forth.’

A roaring column of flame instantly appeared, reaching
nearly to the high ceiling of the throne room many cubits above, and just as quickly was gone. Whether the flame itself took shape, or merely preceded him, could not be seen, but where the flame had been, the demon stood, caught in his mischief; for he still clutched in his hands a great many jewels just stolen from the royal vaults.

So great was his surprise that he dropped the gems, which scattered like pebbles on the marble floor, and his red eyes darted back and forth like twin flames in that broad,
swarthy face. And wide wonder came into those terrible eyes that some power existed among mortal men that was greater than his will.

Twice the height of the King he was and more, greater even than Goliath that David slew, the King’s father. And of so dark and menacing a countenance was the demon that even Assaf the wise drew back in horror. Only Solomon stood firm, and a light shone before him.

Then the demon saw the face of the King, whose arm pointed toward him, and beheld the seal of the ring. The demon’s cruel, lidless eyes went wide, and he let out such a ghastly, howling shriek that the very stones of the palace trembled to their foundation. It was so horrible a sound that all the people of the kingdom who heard it covered their ears and cast themselves on the ground in fear. Oxen died of terror in the fields and birds fell from the sky, for it was like unto the cry of a soul newly plunged into the flames of hell.

But the power of God was within the ring, so that even the
demon was helpless. He fell to his knees and prostrated himself before the King.

‘Mercy, Master!’ cried the Jinni.

‘Name thyself, demon.’ commanded Solomon.

‘I am called Ornias, O Great King!’

‘Why hast thou done such mischief to my household? Speak truly!’

‘Hunger, Lord of the World! Hunger insatiable!’ And he
revealed himself as a vampire spirit, who with fangs harder than adamant pierces the gems of the earth to drink their light.

‘Why dost thou drink the light of earthly jewels?’ demanded
Assaf the Vizir, ‘It is a thing unheard of among the wise.’

But the Jinni was silent.

Speak the answer,’ said the King, ‘I command it.’

‘Thou knowest my answer, King of Wisdom,’ said the demon.

Then Solomon looked into his heart, for the forty-nine
gates of wisdom were open to him, as they had been to Moses. This derives from the belief that each word of the Torah has forty-nine meanings. And he discerned there the answer, and it amazed him, so that he looked on the creature before him with a new understanding and pity.

Know then the sorrow of the demon. For the gems
of the earth were born at the dawn of the world, created by the death of ancient forests buried beneath the weight of mountains. It was a time of upheaval when both Jinn and Angels were cast out and the world was broken. The light of the new sun was still in the green life of those forests as slowly they were transformed, crystallized
by the long years into the light that sparkles from the cut and polished jewels. And so Ornias the demon, denied the light of heaven, drinks the light of the first morning, feeding his sorrow and his loss.

And so, Solomon burned the seal into the neck of Ornias as a brand of his sovereignty, and the Jinni from that moment did his bidding, and was given the task of cutting stones for the building of the Temple.

And other of the Jinn who were causing mischief within the
realm were also commanded to come forth: Onoskelis, who had the shape and skin of a fair-hued woman; Asmodeus, who professed the Hebrew faith and was said to observe the Torah; Tephros, the demon of the Ashes, and after him a group of seven females spirits who declared themselves to be the thirty-six elements of the darkness; and Rabdos, a ravenous, hound-like spirit. All were branded with the seal of the ring.

Others there were also for another tale, but one more for
this: A demon having all the limbs of a man, but without a head. The demon said, ‘I am called Envy, for I delight in
devouring heads. But I hunger always, and desire YOUR HEAD NOW.’

The Master smiled. “Indeed, envy is the prison of the spirit,” he said.

Adapted from Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

32 Responses to King Solomon and the Jinn

  1. Lovely and beautiful

    Ya Haqq.

  2. Thank you, dear brother Ismail. It was a labor of love.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Zaki says:

    Thank you for posting this insightful story!

  4. rayyan hassan says:

    a great gesture, you have us all reading and believing.
    Peace, love, empathy.

  5. D Mehew says:

    Darvish – Thank you for the tale, very wonderful. If not true, remains insightful to those with a little daring.

  6. Brad Smith says:

    One of Best stories i ever heard wow.
    I see this is how it was for true there’s so much we don’t know about.
    i would love to have been there to see that world Solomon knew. wow its like a movie that most don’t believe.

  7. Irving says:

    Thank you Brad. You should read the book, it goes into great detail about the Jinn, and the Sufi path of Love :)

    Ya Haqq!

  8. hadm says:

    where is this written i would like to read more about it if you have a website that talks about his ring in detail please tell, me coz I searched the web and so a movie on utube about the life of King Solomon but they never mentioned anything about the ring

  9. Irving says:

    Salaam Hadm:

    The legend of King Solomon’s seal ring, which was said to control the Jinn, is a very old legend, and you cal read about it in Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel, and many other books, including the Arabian Nights, Rumi’s Masnavi, etc.

    Ya Haqq!

  10. hadm says:

    but is the story of the ring true?

  11. The idea of the light of creation shining through the gems – this is one of my favorite parts of the novel!

  12. m.m. fahren says:

    I have read it. It is from the mystic circle of a wide and gracious heart and it spins its fire into a web of flames only the Jinn can negotiate. Quite a journey. Quite a guide. Thank you, Master Karchmar, again and again, and blessings to all who read, who drink of this well in our desert.

  13. sameera says:

    just plain beautiful!

  14. Abid Hussain says:

    Definitely his powers were true which were gifted to him by Almighty Allah as he was one of the prophets sent by God with a beautiful voice which controled the birds,a ring to cotrol every kind of jinn which our eyes cannot see and an amazing power of wisdom.And he is going to be the most wealthiest person till this world ends. Peace be upon Hazrat Sulayman(king Solomon)

  15. Hashim. Hafsa. says:

    I’ll tell my grandson. Thank you.

  16. Juma says:

    Can you imagine, my 7 year old daugther cried coz she could never meet Solomon!!!

  17. Irving says:

    Dear Juma:

    Please send your beautiful daughter my love, and tell her that if she studies hard, she will grow up with the wisdom of King Solomon, and in that way come to know him, God willing :)

    Ya Haqq!

  18. Zaid Qazi says:

    thank you my brother ..
    this book solves a battle going on in my mind since long…
    at least sets me going in the right direction to look for answers that i needed
    there are some questions that still trouble my mind though and i do not think it appropriate to post them here

    love and light my brother..

  19. Irving says:

    Salaam Brother Zaid :)

    I pray that the battle in your mind comes to a peaceful conclusion, and I am happy to help if you wish to email me with any questions you have.
    My email is: Irvingk1945 at gmail dot com

    Ya Haqq!

  20. alliking McQueen says:

    ho i luv this story of king solomon,i wanna knw this meaning of arabic words ina hu min sulaimonoh wa ina hu bismillahi aramohni araheem?

  21. WhirlingPoet says:


    Haq Davinda Wa-nna Rabil Karim manam

  22. Aqib Kariz says:

    It’s so easy 2 blieve, all of the article is an awakening sense in a personal view on ALLAH’s doing. Inshalla

  23. greg says:

    maybe this is how the pyramids were build & not aleins.

  24. Irving says:

    Greg, the pyramids were built by human beings, not aliens or Jinn. Fanciful thinking only serves to put a veil between us and God’s real beauty, knowledge and design.

  25. Terrior Wine says:

    Allah gives his guidance to those He wills



  27. Clinton says:

    Nice story only one thing Solomon did not worship Allah he worshiped the great I Am the god of Jacob and Moses and of the Jews bad statement there Muslims worship Allah not Jews.

  28. Ahmad says:

    Solomon did in fact worship Allah, the god of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all the prophets and messengers (may peace be upon them all). The Jews, Christians and Muslims originally worship Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the almighty the all powerful, the one and only god.

    Allah is the Semitic word for God. The “I Am” is incorrect as you are trying to refer to “YHWH” which is Yahuwah (Jehovah) which translates “O, He”.

  29. MENSEA says:

    Like dis alot

  30. anette says:

    Whats your opinion on this? My daughter saw a shadow figure in our apartment about 2 years ago. I heard that Jinn may be associated with/ are.. Shadow people. After stumbling upon some info and tired of my daughters negative and depressing attitude I said out loud ” if you do not leave now and never return to this house I will trap you, leave my bloodline alone and you can go free”. I immediately felt like the air was lighter but mostly my daughters attitude significantly changed, her outlook on thing was different and she has been smiling so much more even in not so good circumstances. What do you think?

  31. i am interested to read jins stories and i want to control them by meditation. i read your text carefully.

  32. Deamon Lord says:

    I like your post

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