Friendship and God’s Grace

November 28, 2011

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

God’s grace does not come specially to the pious, it does not come necessarily to the people who are very good, nor does it come readily to the people who are very occult or mystical.

It comes as love comes from friend to friend.

When love comes it comes without a conception of right and wrong. It is an emotion, it is the rising of the wave, it is a divine feeling that comes.

It rises as a stream, and it falls upon the person in the form of a thousand gifts.

It may be as inspiration, it may be as comfort, it may be as health, it may be as peace, it may be as rest, it may show itself in a thousand different forms.

It is the friendship of God. It is the friendly emotion of God. It is not the judging quality of God.

When God’s grace comes, it does not come by saying, ‘Are you worthy, are you unworthy, do you deserve it, do you not deserve it?’

It comes as emotion, love, devotion, admiration comes from friend to friend.

There are no limits to it. It is all right for someone to say that because in the past incarnation he has done so much evil, in this life he has a bad time with much suffering; or that in the past incarnation he has done so much good, that this time he has become rich. And it is all right for others to say that when they go to hell for their sins they will be whipped and thrashed and put into the fire. But when you look at the grace of God, you forget all these things; no rules, no laws, no deserving or undeserving can be distinguished any more. There is only one thing, and that is love; love that stands above law.

– Hazrart Inayat Khan, on Friendship – from Wahiduddin’s Web


Ya Haqq!