The Canticle of Creation

February 16, 2012

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

The “Canticle of Creation” is a song of praise written by St Francis of Assisi as he approached death. Francis calls out to all of creation, and since God is the source of all being, all creatures are brothers and sisters to one another and everything is deserving of love and respect. Francis saw God in everything. He looked upon the earth with humility and with an open and grateful heart, aware of the divine goodness in all things. May we all learn to follow his example.


Be praised Good Lord for Brother Sun

who brings us each new day.

Be praised for Sister Moon: white

beauty bright and fair, with wandering

stars she moves through the night.

Be praised my Lord for Brother Wind,

for air and clouds and the skies of every season.

Be praised for Sister Water: humble,

helpful, precious, pure; she cleanses

us in rivers and renews us in rain.

Be praised my Lord for Brother fire:

he purifies and enlightens us.

Be praised my Lord for Mother Earth:

abundant source, all life sustaining;

she feeds us bread and fruit and gives us flowers.

Be praised my Lord for the gift of life;

for changing dusk and dawn; for touch

and scent and song.

Be praised my Lord for those who

pardon one another for love of Thee,

and endure sickness and tribulation.

Blessed are they who shall endure it in

peace, for they shall be crowned by Thee.

Be praised Good Lord for sister Death

who welcomes us in loving embrace.

Be praised my Lord for all Your

creation serving You joyfully.


Ya Haqq!