Prayer of Unveiling

January 27, 2013

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Allah unveils, unveiling with light.
As You are the remover of coverings, remove my veil.
Allah expands things, extending His benefits.
As You are the Expander, expand my contentment.
Allah heals imperceptively, restoring to health.
As You are the Healer, heal my debility.
Allah give prolifically, providing sustenance abundantly.
As You give profusely, let my satisfaction overflow.
Allah is acknowledged as the Sovereign,
With open hands, to accept oaths.
As You are the One Who accepts oaths of loyalty,
Let every atom of my being be loyal to You.

– A prayer of Sheikh Mustapha Haydar Gueye (1926-1989) founder of Tariqa Mustafawiyya in Senegal, West Africa – from his book, The Remover of Coverings.
Ya Haqq!