The Breath of Zekr

January 27, 2007

The breath of zekr inhales love
and exhales kindness

The heartbeat keeps time
to the rhythm of intention

Steady the breath with silence
and good works

Listen to the heart beat
La illa ha ill Allah!

O seeker, the traveler on this path
takes no provisions but love

– Irving Karchmar, © 2006

The Song of Love

June 10, 2006

Hear, O darvish, the song of Love
the unending tale of the heart.

God whispers “Be!” and infinity
takes eternal flight.

Love commands the darkness to depart,
and the world to arise in light.

Mountains, seas and stars bear witness,
The east wind cries out on the wing.

La Illaha illa Allah,
O Sufi, the universe sings.

– Irving Karchmar, © 1992 (From Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel)