Poetry Recital – Believe Not in Astrologers

May 28, 2012

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

I am experimenting with reading poetry on YouTube. Here is the first attempt,  a recital of Believe Not in Astrologers.  The poem is also posted below the video.

Believe Not in Astrologers

Believe not in astrologers
Who tell fortunes by the stars
Nor in dark-eyed women in black silk robes
Who turn the Tarot cards

Believe not in the witch’s curse
Nor in sorcery of any kind
The shaman seeks to steal your purse
And the voodoo man to steal your mind

Believe not in Satanic spell
Seek not solace in the Gypsy’s ball
Planets will not the future tell
Nor black magicks one lost soul recall

Believe instead in Love, my friend
For by its harmony the world endures
Without certainty, perhaps, yet without end
As proof, the moon ensures

Believe in courage and desire
Leave the mystery in life, my love
Be gladly warmed by mortal fire
Embrace the eagle and the dove

For this I know by my heart’s blood
What we may be may not be told
Yet each of us, though born apart
May each the others heart enfold

Before this crystal truth, let each spirit, naked, stand
That human hope and laughter are bought with human tears
Yet we may walk in starlight, hand in hand
And live, and love, and have no fear

– Irving Karchmar, 1986

Ya Haqq!