Poetry Monday – In the Arms of Midnight, by Jafar Alam

February 27, 2012

Chocolate girl

Your hair looks

Don’t give up on tomorrow
It’s already praisin’

You aint a regular
Earth dweller

Sweet heart
There’s only one caste system…
That’s the human race

And Karma

She’s a trip

She’s got their names
In her book

You deserve a love
That makes you a priority
Not an option hun

Don’t run away from your problems
Lest you start avoiding mirrors

Chocolate girl
You’re the realist fairytale

Don’t try explaining yourself
To them

How you explain sunshine
To a blind man?

You are the joy of the world


So act like it


Don’t be some fools
Baby mama

Boilin’ milk over a stove
With lost dreams

These boys
These days

They be fallin’ in love
Without love

Don’t be so consumed
With the world around you
That you neglect the world
Within you

Start your journey

If they ask for you
Tell em

They can find you
Waiting in the dimple of the moon
In the arms of midnight

To the whistle

Of the wind

– Jafar Alam, from Almond Eyes Hears the Dove’s Cries which is also available as an Ebook HERE.