The Wife of ibn Arabi and the Five Steps of the Sufi

January 13, 2011

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

It is written that the great Sufi mystic ibn Arabi was a studious and talented young man, already infused with mysticism through his father, and also through his uncles on both sides of his family.  It is also related in al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya, that he married a saintly woman named Maryam, the daughter of Muhammad b. Abdun, a man of great standing and influence.

Maryam also shared with ibn Arabi his aspiration to follow the Way (Sufi path). From the Futuhat:


“My saintly wife, Maryam bint Muhammad b. Abdun, said, ‘I have seen in my sleep someone whom I have never seen in the flesh, but who appears to me in my moments of (spiritual) ecstaty. He ask me whether I was aspiring to the Way, to which I replied that I was, but that I did not know by what means to arrive at it. He then told me that I would come to it through five things, trust, certainty, patience, resolution and varacity.’ Thus she offered her vision to me (for my consideration) and I told her that was indeed the method of the Folk (Sufis). I myself have never seen one with that degree of mystical experience.”

– From Sufi of Andalusia: The Ruh al-Quds and al-Durrat al-Fakhirah of ibn Arabi. Translated by R.W.J. Austin

Ya Haqq