FREE Ebooks in July :)

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

I have entered all my six ebooks on Smashwords in their Summer Promotion for the entire month of July. And I have made them all FREE :)  July 1st through July 31st :) Happy Reading!

Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

El Maestro de los Jinn – SPANISH translation

Love Songs to God: 30 Poems of Love and Longing

Puerto Diablo: A Tale of Good and Evil

Lessons in Love: Essays and Spiritual Exercises for Modern Life

Ya Haqq!

One Response to FREE Ebooks in July :)

  1. nazmoe85 says:

    جزاك الله خير
    I have just completed Master of the Jinn, a very interesting read indeed! These words below from your book literally brought tears to my eyes :
    on that day God will ask them both: ‘What have you produced for Me
    during this term of respite which I have given thee? In what work
    have you brought your life to its end? Speak plainly! How have you
    dissipated the senses I have given thee? You have expended eyes and
    ears and intellect, but what have you done with them? I gave thee
    all of these to till the soil of good works, now display to Me your
    harvest! I gave thee bounty, now where was thy gratitude?’
    “And then all men and Jinn must lift
    up their heads and answer, and then will great wailing be heard,
    and tears of contrition that were never shed in life will flow like
    a river. Alas, when the ship is sinking, all are sincere in
    devotion to God!

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