Where God Lives!

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“When Rabbi Yitzchak Meir was a small child, his mother once took him to meet Reb Yasrael, the Maggid of Kosnitz. As they stood in line with the Maggid’s Hasidim, each waiting to see the holy rebbe, one of the disciples called to the young Yitzchak Meir. ‘Your mother tells us that you are quite bright and worthy of meeting our holy Maggid. But I am not so sure. So I will make a bet with you. I will give you a gulden if you can tell me where God lives!’ The Hasidim laughed at their fellow’s jest. When their laughter faded, Yitzchak Meir looked up at the man and said, ‘And I will give you two gulden if you can tell me where God does not live!’ The Hasidim laughed even louder, and Yitzchak Meir and his mother were moved to the front line.”

– Hasidic Tales, translated and annotated by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Ya Haqq!

One Response to Where God Lives!

  1. Spasiba says:

    Warm greetings Irving and all sincere searchers for truth!
    This story paints a very good picture of how many of us are. We see in this humorous encounter that we always have a question stored up our sleeve just in case we need it! Sadly despite our questions the deep questions of life remain unanswered.

    Be encouraged for there is an answer to where Our Creator is.
    One good answer is that He is where people love Him above all their other loves.

    Another good answer is that He is where broken and contrite sinners are, for He will never despise them.

    Another good answer is that He is where He is being worshipped in spirit and truth.
    Friends of truth, let’s hunger and thirst wholeheartedly for truth in 2017 and as we do Our Creator will reveal to us that we are doing the right thing.

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