“Love ought to change you.”

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“Love ought to change you. If love remains only lip-service you do not really love. If love does not change you from the inside, from your heart and soul, and if it does not fundamentally change your behavior, your words, and even in your non-verbal communication, than you have not even started to love; you would be just a talker.”
Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Husayni al-Ninowy

Ya Haqq!

One Response to “Love ought to change you.”

  1. Josef Sefton says:

    Greetings, Irving!

    These lines that you have shared are full of very wise insights. Love has the power to transform an enemy into a friend. Truly God’s love can transform a violent man into a peace maker.

    Miraculously His love can transform a self reliant man into a God reliant man. Truly there is nothing that divine love can’t do.

    Motivated by love the Author of life created the heavens and earth and He carries on loving us with a wonderful, healing steadfast love. Let’s praise His name for evermore!

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