The Sufi Master’s Prayer

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

O God, illuminate my outer being with obedience to You, and my inner being with loving-kindness for You, and my heart with direct knowledge of You, and my spirit with intimate vision of You, and my essence with the ability of reach Thy Throne. O Glorious and Exalted One!

O God, illuminate my heart and my ears and my eyes and my tongue and my hands and my feet and my entire body. O Light of all Lights!

O God, show me things as they truly are.

O God, wherever I turn, be before me; in whatever direction I go, be my destination; in every endeavor of mine, be my aim; in times of difficulty and sorrow, be my refuge and support; in every undertaking, be my advocate; and through Thy Grace and Loving-kindness, take up my actions in Thy Strength.

God’s greetings be upon Mohammad and his family, the noblest of all families.

– adapted from the Kebrit-e Ahmar (Red Sulpher) of Munawwar Ali-Shah Kermani, one of the past Masters of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order, and taken from In the Paradise of the Sufis by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Ya Haqq!

Note: Kebrit-e ahmar, or red sulphur. is the vital factor in transforming lead to gold for the alchemists. It is used metaphorically by the Sufis to indicate the energy and baraka, the hal, spirit or charisma, of the Master, which is the active agent in transforming the leaden nafs-dominated ordinary state of the human being into the golden, heart-led state of the developed Sufi.


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