“What is the Best Religion?”

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“What is the best religion?” asked a truth seeker.

“Self-realization,” Master Yogananda replied, “Self-Realization is in fact the only religion. For it is the true purpose of religion, no matter how people define their beliefs. A person may be Christian or Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu, Muslim or Zoroastrian; he or she may proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only way, or Buddha, or Mohammed—as indeed, millions of believers do. He or she may insist that this ritual, or that place of worship, bestows salvation. But it all comes down to what he or she is within.”

– from The Essence of Self-Realization by Paramhansa Yogananda

Ya Haqq!


2 Responses to “What is the Best Religion?”

  1. Ghulam says:

    Alhamdulillah! Dear traveller on the path who has drunk from the tavern of the Paramhamsa; may the blessings of Ramadan be showered upon you. Reading these words fill the heart with joy.

  2. Josef Sefton says:

    Thanks, Irving, for posting about such an important subject.
    Dear readers, when I study Jesus’ words very closely I see that He taught against the belief in self realization. He taught that we must “die’ to self snd place our faith and hope in Our Maker who is selfless.. He taught not my will be done, but Thy will holy God be done.

    Truly Jesus taught that we must become less and He must become more!

    ! He taught self denial, trusting and obeying the Giver of life and following Him.

    He taught of our need of continually being taught by, provided for, loved and forgiven by gracious, loving, holy, compassionate God Himself.

    Deep searchers for truth, Jesus taught that we all, without exception, need to humble ourselves before God and trust and obey His pure, holy teachings and voice with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. What a noble challenge He has set before us.

    nd trust and obey His pure holy teachings and voice with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. What a noble challenge He has set before us.

    When tempted by Satan in the wilderness He put His trust completely in holy Scripture- that’s the key to being obedient!

    Let’s put our trust in all powerful God to purify our heart, soul and mind, for He delights to do this when we turn from the self centered, self willed way of living.

    Dear readers, may God bless your efforts to live, even more purely, during this month and beyond before Him.

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