Attaining Focus in Prayer

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Once a scholar was asked, “How do you attain focus in prayer?”

He answered: “I attain focus in prayer by standing up straight, greeting Allah, and imagining that the Kaa’ba is between my eyes and the path beneath my legs; that paradise is to my right, hell is to my left, the angel of death is standing behind me, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, is observing my prayer, and by believing that this is the last prayer I will ever say before I die.

– Source unknown


Ya Haqq!

One Response to Attaining Focus in Prayer

  1. Naushad Somji says:

    In the name of Allah who is Infinite Compassion and Love

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu.

    Allah the Most High mentions in the Holy Qur’an: “I only created mankind and the Jinn that they might worship Me.” (51:56).

    Salat or Namaz conditions human beings in modesty — a quality that gives a proper religious hue to all spheres of human existence. This obligatory worship has a form as well as a spirit; just as the human being has a body as well as a soul — the one being inseparable from the other. On Salaah or Namaz the Qur’an is explicit: “Successful indeed are the believers who are humble in their prayers.” (23:1-2).

    The Qur’an, moreover, makes it plain that when a servant of God turns to his Creator in worship, contact with Him is immediately established and without the intercession of any kind of intermediary. The act of worship, therefore, is a direct link between God and His servants. The Qur’an says: “Prostrate yourself and come nearer.” (96:19).

    When the individual finds himself engrossed in true worship, he feels as if he is seeing God, as if divine light has descended upon his inner being; as if he has come very close to God. The achievement; of such spiritual states is the real goal of worship.

    Any experience, which has such a profound effect upon a man’s inner personality, must manifest itself in his external behaviour. Therefore, when an individual incorporates worship in his life on a regular basis, its effect becomes apparent in his moral conduct. Ultimately, his entire behaviour takes on the hue of his devotions.
    Allah the Most High says in the the Holy Qur’an: “Prayer fends off indecency and evil.” (29:45).

    Islam is a holistic spiritual system, and worship, the key factor therein, builds and ensures the continuance of a relationship between the Almighty and His creatures in which His servants give expression to their love, humility, reverence, obedience and devotion, in return for which they may expect their Maker to look upon them with His divine mercy and magnanimity.

    Allah the Most High loves Muhsineen ~ those who do good (to others);

    1. who spend (benevolently) in the cause of Allah (2:195) in favorable as well as in adverse circumstances;

    2. who divert and sublimate their anger and potentially virulent emotions to creative energy and become a source of tranquility and comfort to people;

    3. who quickly correct any wrong or indecency that has occurred from them, remember Allah, protect themselves from trailing behind in dignity and refrain from willfully persisting in error. [3:134-135];

    4. who pardon and forbear [5:13];

    5. who do not spread corruption on earth [7:56];

    6. who strive hard for Him [29:69];

    7. who establish As-Salaat [remembering Him (20:14, 62:9) all the time (70:23) and at appointed times (4:103, 62:9),

    8. and follow His Guidance in all the affairs] and keep the resources, that He has bestowed upon them, open [for the welfare of humanity]. (2:177, 9:44, 39:33, 92:17-20) [31:3-4];

    9. who are the believing servants of Allah [37:110-111, 37:121-122, 37:131-132];

    10. who sleep but little at night (reflecting on His Commands and on ways to implement His Commands) and heartily seek to be guarded against imperfections (51:16-18)].

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