The Passion of Mansur al-Hallaj

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Hallaj’s son made report of his father and spoke freely of his father’s execution. God had revealed an attribute of himself to Hallaj, but Hallaj made it a boast. The Woolcarder had loosened the bonds of attachment to all things but himself. For this reason, God tested Hallaj with ridicule and torture and certainty of death. Even the friends of Hallaj and his disciples turned their backs on him. Did their betrayal torment him more even than the instruments his enemies used to mutilate him?

In a vision, the Woolcarder shone like the sun before me. He said, “You wonder at me. Why?”

I said, “Did you deserve the punishment you received? Were you angry that the order came from those who were once your friends?”

He said. “My execution was well deserved. I was not angry with my friends; not with Junayd who affirmed the order, nor Shebli who threw mud at me as they led me to the gibbet. They were my friends; they are my friends still. I embrace them. When they cut off my hands, I performed my ablutions with my own blood. When they hacked off my feet, I crawled before his throne. When they put out my eyes, I saw only His Face. When they cut out my tongue, His name was still upon my lips. When they cut off my head and burned me to ashes and scattered me to the winds, I loved God still. For this, He answered all my prayers. He loved me and I loved Him. He removed the veil of the world from my mutilated eyes. He fulfilled the promise I made when I cried out “I am the Truth” by utterly destroying me. I prophesied my union with Him and the people arose to punish my blasphemy; yet through their punishment, my prophecy and His promise came to pass.”

These are the words Hallaj spoke to me. God forgive me for loving him.
Da’ud Ibn Ibrahim al-Shawni, The End of Reason.

When Mansur al-Hallaj reached his utmost friendship with God, he became his own enemy and gave away his life. He said, “I am God,” meaning, “I have passed away. God alone remains.” This is extreme humility. Your saying “Thou art God, and I am Your servant,” is arrogance, for you have affirmed your own existence, and created dualism, for until “I” exists “He” is impossible. Therefore it was God alone who said, “I am God,” since Mansur had passed away.“

Rumi, From Discourse 52  of the Fihi Ma Fihi, Translated by A. J. Arberry.

Ya Haqq!

5 Responses to The Passion of Mansur al-Hallaj

  1. Irving says:

    Thank you :) It is a lesson for all on the path of love to keep its secrets.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. imranalammd says:

    Brother Irving salaam, He said Anal-Haqq “I am the truth” and there is only one truth and we all are a part of it….as goodness has no owners it belongs to Allah and Allah alone!

  3. Shiva says:

    Did Shaykh Junayd really go against Hallaj and confirm his death sentence?

  4. Irving says:

    Greetings of Peace, dear Shiva:

    There is a story that when Hallaj was being tortured, he did not utter a sound, but when Shaykh Junayd approached him and touched him with a single rose, he screamed. The rose is a Sufi symbol, and Junayd was saying that Hallaj, in speak of being the Truth, was telling a secret of the path that is not discussed. The story is only a metaphor, however, or perhaps a vision Hallaj had on the gallows, since the best scholarship has noted that Junayd died many years before Hallaj was executed.

    Ya Haqq!

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