Ramadan Goes Looking – A Poem

Ramadan Goes Looking

Ramadan goes looking for the
people who fast the best

wearing the phases of the moon
as a shield upon its breast

ignoring stars and galaxies
as too far out in space

concentrating instead
on light in a faster’s face

or if a face is darkened
what is passing through the heart

of someone who resists the world
for this month so set apart

It goes to the best and worst places
looking for a perfect one

who finds the diamond of Ramadan
flashing in the daytime sun

High and low it searches
among the elegant and the poor

who put aside food and drink
to stand in Allah’s corridor

awaiting entrance to His precincts
where finer delicacies are served

who spend their days in fasting
and never think to swerve

It climbs to mountain caves
and sits with hermit saints

and sees illumined worlds in eyes
no words can ever paint

of nearness by Allah’s tight blessing
on the hearts of His bosom friends

who’ve left all vestiges of matter
for nourishment that never ends

But then it sees a glimmer
not far off at all

in the deep intention of everyone
to fulfill the Prophet’s call

that shines in the heart of our hearts
and is the diamond behind that shine

to endure hardship for Allah’s sake
however simple or sublime

And sees in its faceted perfection
every faster’s face

on the surface of that diamond
out of all time and space

in the answer to Allah’s call
to turn to Him alone

before everything we so love in the world
turns to stone
14 Ramadan
Copyright by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore. All rights reserved.

2 Responses to Ramadan Goes Looking – A Poem

  1. asqfish says:

    Asa, Beautiful! Subhanallah!

  2. Nabeel says:

    Why do I fast?
    Is it to prove a point,
    Or perhaps to please another?

    Why do I fast?
    Is it to to fit in,
    Or perhaps to obey another?

    Why do I fast?
    Is it to look good on the outside,
    Or perhaps to feel good inside?

    For who do I…….. Fast for?
    I do it because Allah commanded me!
    I do it because Allah will reward me!
    I do it because Allah will bless me!
    I do it because Allah will save me!
    I do it because Allah will heal me!
    But how can I be sure?

    Because Allah is the one you can trust!

    May Allah accept us all in his bountiful blessings
    And grant us peace in this life and the next.

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