Being Full Up with Mister God!

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“It works because me and you is full up,” said seven year-old Anna (referring to an experiment involving two paddle wheels in a tub filled with water).

“And what might that mean?” asked Fynn.

“Well, if you are full up, you use anything to see Mister God. You can’t if you’re not full up.”

“Why’s that? Give me a for-instance.”

She never hesitated.

“The cross! If you’re full up, you don’t need it ‘cos the cross is inside you. If you’re not full up, you the cross outside you and then you make it a magic thing.”

She tugged at my arm and our eyes met. She spoke quietly and slowly. “If you’re not full up inside you, then you can make anything a magic thing,  and then it becomes an outside bit of you.”

“Is it that bad?”

She nodded. “If you do that, then you can’t do what Mister God wants you to do.”

“Oh! What’s He want me to do then?”

“Love everybody like you love yourself, and you’ve got to be full up with you to love yourself properly first.”

“Like most of a person is outside,” I said.

She smiled. “Fynn, there ain’t no different churches in heaven ‘cos everybody in heaven is inside themselves.”

Then she went on, “It’s the outside bits that make all the different churches and synagogues and temples and things like that. Fynn, Mister God said, ‘I am,’ and that’s what He wants us all to say – that’s the hard bit.”

My head went up and down in bewildered agreement.

“I am… that’s the hard bit. I am.” Really get around to saying that and you’re home; really mean it and you’re full up – you’re all inside. You don’t have to want things outside you to fill up the gaps inside you. You don’t leave bits of you hanging on objects in shop windows, in catalogs or on advertisement. Wherever you go you take your whole self with you; …you’re all of a piece; you’re what Mister God wants you to be.

– Excerpt edited from Mister God, this is Anna, A True Story, by Fynn.

This touching theological explanation by a very wise seven year old girl who has a natural affinity for God seems to me a perfect example of the admonition of many religions: “Know thyself and know thy Lord.”  It is also an example of the saying of Jesus (pbuh), “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” (Matthew 19:16-40), and a very good summation of the steps on the Sufi path of Love.  It is a book worth reading :)

Ya Haqq!


2 Responses to Being Full Up with Mister God!

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    Loved this post.
    Salaam wa noor.

  2. Rizal Affif says:

    Unbelievably wise little girl! Such wisdom seems to rise in young children nowadays…

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