There is Only One River

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“Sufism is not different from the mysticism of all religions. Mysticism comes from Adam, of monks, of hermits, and of Muhammad (God’s peace be upon him). A river passes through many countries and each claims it for its own. But there is only one river. Truth does not change. People change. People try to possess truth and keep it for themselves, keep it from others. But you cannot own the truth.”  – Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak

Ya Haqq!


5 Responses to There is Only One River

  1. rafique says:

    ‘But you cannot own the truth’,-But you become the truth.

  2. Lat says:

    That’s so one beautiful truth! Thanks for sharing!

  3. sylhag says:

    Ya haqq !!!


  4. Rizal Affif says:

    Beautifully put. There is only one river.

    Bow to you.


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