Milad un-Nabi – Birthday of the Prophet (pbuh) 2011

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“You have indeed in the Messenger of God a beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is God and the Final Day.” (Al-Ahzab 33:21).

Alhamdulillah! This is Rabi a-Awwal, by the Lunar calendar the month of the blessed birthday (Milad Un-Nabi) of the Prophet Muhammad (the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

According to Sunni scholars, the Prophet’s birthday is observed on 12th Rabi al-Awwal, which falls this year on February 15, 2011, and 17th Rabi al-Awwal (February 20th this year) according to Shia scholars.

There is a difference of opinion about whether the Milad Un-Nabi should be a time of celebration. There is evidence that the Prophet (pbuh), his Companions, and the early followers after them did not celebrate or otherwise observe his birthday. On the contrary, he was careful to warn his people not to imitate other faiths, whose followers elevated their prophets and added to the religion what was not in the original teachings.

Those who disagree see it as a time to read the Qur’an, fast, pray, and remember the life, teachings, and example of the Prophet (pbuh).

When praising the Prophet (pbuh), we are also warned not to exaggerate in his praise. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not overpraise me as Christians overpraised Jesus, son of Mary. Say [when referring to me], ‘Servant of Allah and His messenger.’”

Servant of Allah and His messenger!

Surely that is a title that needs no embellishment. And so, what will you do to celebrate the Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday? Will you fast and pray? Have a celebration and give gifts to family and friends? Give to charity, visit the sick, go to the mosque, help a neighbor?

“Remember Me and I will remember you!” (Qur’an, 2:152)

May Allah bless you all, gentle readers, and guide you on the straight path of love, compassion, mercy, generosity and kindness.  Amin.

Ya Haqq!

Note: For inspiration, see also the post on The Names of the Prophet (pbuh).

6 Responses to Milad un-Nabi – Birthday of the Prophet (pbuh) 2011

  1. GaribAN says:

    Dear Brother Irving,
    Many thanks for this beautiful post,
    We have celebrated it by thinking about how we could understand the mission of Rasulullah SAWS and explain it better to the people, by reading Qur’an and reciting Salawat-i Sharifas.

    Exaggerating the prophet would be to put him in the category of God and I think muslims would not fall in to such a mistake after clear verses in the Qur’an. However, the Prophet must not only be seen as an ordinary bashar(humanbeing)as well. His ways of Rasuliyyat- Wilayat-Nubuwwat-Abdiyyat are to be known as well his bashariyyat side. He is not a postman bringing message and passing away then everything is finished!..He is alive(HaYY)with ALLAH and continues his mission of Rasuliyyat.

    When we say “Servant of ALLAH and Messenger!”. Messenger is Rasuliyyat there. It is Abduhu wa Rasuluhu. As a RASUL he continues to his mission with ALLAH. That is why, in the Qur’an ALLAH j.j tells us to surrender ourselves to ALLAH and HIS RASUL SAWS. He does not say surrender ME only. Imam leading the prayer and being at least a foot length infront of the Jamaat in the mosque explains this matter to humanbeing. Imam represents RASULULLAH SAWS there while he is surrendering himself to the Absolute Imam , Muhammad SAWS. There is RASULULLAH SAWS’s light as a grace to all worlds between the creation and Our RABB. No one can pass infront of the imam during the prayer. Without surrendering to Rasulullah SAWS, one can not journey to God. If someone is saying he can, he is not reading the Sunnatullah properly and acting against the sayings of all blessed friends of ALLAH who explained this to us many times in their books and sayings, nor he is understanding the revelations in the Qur’an rightly. This difference must be known inshaALLAH.

    Unfortunately today, muslims are shattered in to pieces amongst themselves since they do not hold on to the rope of ALLAH tightly. That rope is Rasulullah (SAS). If you asked many scholars of Islam today, when Rasulullah (sas) die ? The answer you would get would be 632 AD. This is because they can not figure out the difference between the two faces of Muhammad (sas). His inner(batini) face looking to ALLAH is called RASUL(sas) and his outer face living amongst us as Muhammad (a.s) being servant of ALLAH (Abdullah) is a bashari(human being like any of us) face.

    Muhammad (a.s) as a human being dies but his inner batini face as Rasulullah will carry on existing with ALLAH j.j . That is why ALLAH j.j constantly mentioned ALLAH and HIS RASUL(sas) in the verses of Qur’an together. ALLAH and HIS RASUL(sas) are at their duty all the time and they don’t die. If Rasul being the first light and a first manifestation point for the creation of the worlds(alams) had died where was ALLAH going to manifest(making tajalli) the meanings of His Beautiful Divine Names ( ASMAUL HUSNA)?

    Have the muslim population ever think of this? Allah is AZ- Z‘AHIRU (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 57/3] (dhatī)( اَلظَّاخِرُ) : the Manifest One by His Rasul.

    When a person becomes muslim, first thing to do is to take shahada(testimony). In this testimony every one is confirming that There is no God but ALLAH, Muhammad (sas) is the slave of ALLAH(Abdullah) and His RASUL. Why is this a foundation of entering in to islam? Did we consider this? The one who dies is Muhammad (as) who is Abdullah. But as a RASUL , he is not dead and he was at his duty in past, he is at his duty right at this moment and he will be at his duty in the hereafter.

    The ones who think that Rasulullah (sas) as a postman who delivered the message of ALLAH and has gone are in big error and they will pay the cost of this badly. How they will face Rasulullah (sas), I can’t think of it!

    If Rasulullah (sas) is dead , are we following a dead Rasul? Rasulullah (sas) is more HAYY(alive) than many other people who are walking like zombies on this earth. Lets have a look at some verses in the Qur’an to see what ALLAH j.j is saying to us:

    O ye who believe! Believe in ALLAH and His RASUL, and the scripture which He hath sent to His Messenger and the scripture which He sent to those before (him). Any who denieth Allah, His angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Day of Judgement, hath gone far, far astray. ( Qur’an –An-Nisa 136 )

    “Inna Allaha wamala-ikatahu yusalloona AAala alnnabiyyi ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo salloo AAalayhi wasallimoo TASLEEMA:
    Allah and His Angels send blessing on the Prophet: o ye that believe send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect. “ ( Qur’an –Al-Ahzab 56 )

    What is translated as word “respect” is wrong . Term “TASLEEMA” used is to make “SiLM” which means SURRENDERING or SUBMISSION like in ISLAM. Unfortunately English translators are cutting an important message here. Fully submission to both ALLAH and RASUL is a requirement in ISLAM…

    Those are limits set by Allah; those who obey ALLAH and His RASUL will be admitted to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath, to abide therein (forever) and that will be the supreme achievement. ( Qur’an –An-Nisa 13)

    The Believers, men and women, are protectors, one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practice regular charity, and obey ALLAH and His RASUL. On them will Allah pour His Mercy: for Allah is Exalted in power, Wise.(Qur’an-At-Tawba 71 )

    It is not fitting for a Believer, men or women, when a matter has been decided by ALLAH and His RASUL, to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path. ( Qur’an –Al-Ahzab 36)

    O ye that believe! betray not the trust of Allah and the Messenger, nor misappropriate knowingly things entrusted to you.( Qur’an Al-Anfal 27 )

    Say: “O men! I am sent unto you all, as the RASULULLAH(Messenger of Allah), to Whom belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth: there is no god but He: it is He that giveth both life and death. So believe in ALLAH and HIS RASUL, the unlettered(UMMI) Prophet, who believeth in Allah and His Words: FOLLOW HIM that (so) ye may be guided.” ( Qur’an-Al-Araf 158 )

    So are we believing in, surrendering our selves to , obeying and following a dead RASUL?

    I beseech all muslims in the world to consider that RASUL is alive and He is at his duty. Therefore live this religion accordingly with a Muhammadi consciousness. ALLAH and HIS RASUL are with you all the time. May ALLAH guide us and help us all inshaallah…

    Was Salaam

  2. Bengt Erik Stendlert says:

    Thank you Brother Irving! May God increase you in His Love and Light. Amin.

  3. Irving says:

    Thank you, brother GaribAN for the excellent explication of the day. And Amin to your prayer, brother Bengt Erik :) May God increase us all in His Love and Light.

    Amin and Ya Haqq!

  4. rustfree says:

    Thank you for your advice and GOOD statement.

  5. cco cocoon says:

    What is translated as word “respect” is wrong . Term “TASLEEMA” used is to make “SiLM” which means SURRENDERING or SUBMISSION like in ISLAM. Unfortunately English translators are cutting an important message here. Fully submission to both ALLAH and RASUL is a requirement in ISLAM…

    Those are limits set by Allah; those who obey ALLAH and His RASUL will be admitted to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath, to abide therein (forever) and that will be the supreme achievement. ( Qur’an –An-Nisa 13)

  6. cco cocoon says:

    Thank you for your idea!

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