A Worthy Cause for Zakat on Ramadan

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Our brother Sadiq Alam, of the Mystic Saint blog, is embarking on a remarkable act of Zakat, or charity, this Ramadan, and he has asked me to spread the word:

Sadiq is involved in helping set up two schools for children of very poor families, the medical treatment of those who cannot afford medical care, and giving interest free micro-credit loans to poor people, so that they can have a sustainable income source to support their families.

These most worthy activities are detailed at the Porshee Foundation. Click on the link HERE.

He is also raising funds especially for those who wants to send their zakat money. Read his entire beautiful and touching Ramadan Fundraising post on the charity on his blog HERE.

And please help us spread the word by posting it on your blogs and linking to Sadiq’s blog post on Facebook, as a token of Ramadan generosity; Alhamdulillah! it is a blessing of the Most Generous to be generous in this month in which our Beloved Prophet (saw) was the most giving, and indeed such generosity is a pattern (sunnah) of our Rasul.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ya Haqq!


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