The Prophet (pbuh) and His Granddaughter

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) once offered prayer while carrying his granddaughter on his shoulder. “The Prophet (peach be unto him) led the people in prayer while she was on his shoulder. When he bowed he put her down and picked her up when he got up. He kept on doing so until he finished his prayer.” – Sunan of Abu-Dawoud

One commentator wrote:  “The purpose behind the action of the Prophet (peace be unto him) of carrying his granddaughter in the prayer was to set an example before the Arabs who considered having daughters and carrying them around as something bad or shameful. The Prophet…acted differently from them, and carried a girl on his neck in the prayer, and making something clear by example is much more effective than a mere precept.”  – Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 2,

Ya Haqq!


11 Responses to The Prophet (pbuh) and His Granddaughter

  1. m.m. fahren says:

    “Whoever receives one of these little ones, receives Me.”

  2. eesa conway says:

    I have 8 beautiful daughters and 1 son; how much i love them i cannot say; words in this regard fail me. Sadly the times we live in are again times of ignorance; where in almost every country in the world women are shown little if no respect at all (including muslim countries). It is quiet simple, treat the next person the way you would like to be treated; treat your wives the way you would want some one to treat your daughters. Respect them and ladies respect yourselves – a defining characteristic of our deen is modesty, and men what they promote in the songs, the music videos,the movies is not the way to be – we have our way – the sunnah.The rasul said that the best of us are those who are good to their wives.One could go on and on talking about the beauty, tenderness, kindness, passion, joy and granted at times frustrations they bring into our lives; but i would never change them for the world. To all the ladies out there young and old-from the bottom of my heart; thank you, thank you, thank you. Special thanks to my mom, my beautiful wife and my daughters.

  3. Irving says:

    Sister M.M., thank you for the true quote. Brother Eesa, you are an example for us all :) And to further the conversation, here is a link to an old post called
    Of Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives:

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Terry Graham says:

    An interesting footnote to this event is that the little girl in question grew up to be one of the most powerful women in history, Zaynab bint Fatima wa Ali. It was her bold speeches when she was being dragged in chains through Egypt, Palestine and Syria to the Umayyad capital Damascus which alerted the populace of the Islamic world of the struggle of her brother Husayn against corruption and tyranny, thus highlighting the true democratic and unitarian message of Islam in the face of clerical and political abuse. The struggle is just as relevant today, where there is still so little enlightenment – on the part of both partisans and opponents of Islam today – about the fact that Islam was born with the Koran as a manifesto for human rights as no document had expressed them before.

  5. Green Monk says:

    This hadith is beautiful!

  6. Sadiq says:

    Mashallah! A beautiful sharing.

    May our love for the beloved master Muhammad Mustafa be perfected and may we become worthy of his followers and his intercession of love on the day of reckoning. ameen.

    Salaams to all.

  7. erlin mohamed amin says:

    Syukran Bro Irving for sharing this hadith.
    It is so beautiful – the show of love & care. Truly it touches our heart, makes us women feel special being highly regarded & loved by Rasulullah S.A.W. If only our men would appreciate us with love & care this much…..

    sis erlin mohamed amin

  8. Qaal Al-Rasul-Allah (SAW):

    “Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood – he and I will come (together) on the Day of Resurrection – and he interlaced his fingers (meaning in Paradise).” (Reported by Muslim)

    So can there be any greater honor given to daughter and for those who wish to have them and bring them up properly? And he said in another Hadith:

    “Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise.” (Reported by Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhee and others)

    And in another Hadith: “They will be a shield for him from the Fire.” (Reported by Ahmad and Ibn Maajah)

    Sadaq Al-Rasul (SAW)

  9. Irving says:

    Salaam and Greetings of Peace Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you for the very informative and heartfelt comments :) Indeed, the blessed Prophet (pbuh) is a paragon of love for all humanity, and had an especially tender heart for the sweetness of the fairer sex. If only more men emulated his example.

    Ya Haqq!

  10. Stranger says:

    Subhanallah – Brings tears to my eyes, jazakallah for this brother

  11. Faaizah and Fawziyah says:

    Thank you Daddy for everything.We might not say this as often as we should but we love you with all our hearts.May Allah bless you and keep you in His path forever luv your twins

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