Mirror Me

I lost my moment now
put it in a safe place
or buried it somewhere
under all the stuff
I own, I do, I think about

This giving/taking thing
has me all worn out
funked me into wearing
the same clothes for days
drinking immeasurable cups of tea
fantasizing saving children from war
women from guilt, men from themselves

Ignoring this moment I look for yours
head down, no longer listening
to the hearts of trees
the wave-song of kelp
not seeing flower heads bursting
candle wax on velvet
not feeling the availability of joy
of breath

Without kindness we are lost
so I ask you to step closer
mirror me with love
so that I might remember
who we are
and that this moment
is always now.

– Paddy Noble, 2009


2 Responses to Mirror Me

  1. DevilPoet says:

    God created everything out of love. Love is the central theme of creation. God loved His own image and created human being.



  2. abupokemon says:

    Masha’Allah you have an awesome collection of poems brother Irving.

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