Rumi’s Ramadan Poem

O moon-faced Beloved,
the month of Ramadan has arrived
Cover the table
and open the path of praise.

O fickle busybody,
it’s time to change your ways.
Can you see the one who’s selling the halvah
how long will it be the halvah you desire?

Just a glimpse of the halvah-maker
has made you so sweet even honey says,
“I’ll put myself beneath your feet, like soil;
I’ll worship at your shrine.”

Your chick frets within the egg
with all your eating and choking.
Break out of your shell that your wings may grow.
Let yourself fly.

The lips of the Master are parched
from calling the Beloved.
The sound of your call resounds
through the horn of your empty belly.

Let nothing be inside of you.
Be empty:  give your lips to the lips of the reed.
When like a reed you fill with His breath,
then you’ll taste sweetness.

Sweetness is hidden in the Breath
that fills the reed.
Be like Mary – by that sweet breath
a child grew within her.

– Rumi


13 Responses to Rumi’s Ramadan Poem

  1. elmoudy says:

    ramadhan gives me enlightment..
    to reach Allah

  2. yasmine says:

    ramadan mubarak, irving! =)
    may this be a month of beauty and blessings and fulfillment for you and yours, inshaAllah.

    my favorite line from this lovely poem you posted:

    Break out of your shell that your wings may grow.
    Let yourself fly.

    may we grow and fly during this month, and all the time to come.

  3. Irving says:

    Ramadan Mubarak Dear Yasmine and Elmoudy :)

    My favorite stanza are the first and last, but it is a lovely and heartrending poem in total :)

    Ya Haqq!

  4. yasmine says:

    My favorite stanza are the first and last

    am re-reading it again, and i can completely see why =)

  5. Kholifaur says:

    Dear Irving, when I am to find the explanation of the eight paradise gates, accidentally I just find this lovely website and I am so anxious to read more the contents herein, may I know somehow of your nationality? may Allah the All-Sufficient gather us moslems in His manifest gardens after, amen…

  6. Hajar Alwi says:

    Ramadhan Mubarak brother Irving, and to your loved ones as well. ^^ Rumi’s poems are glorious, and this is certainly no exception. May we be filled with His breath, and granted the opportunity to taste its’ sweetness. :)

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sister Hajar and Brother Kholifaur:

    Ramadan Mubarak to you both and your loved ones :) And Kholifaur, my nationality is American, my upbringing Jewish agnostic, my religion, love. I also became a Muslim in 1992 when I was initiated as a darvish in the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. Alhamdulillah!

    Ya Haqq!

  8. waed alhayek says:

    The holy month of Ramadan
    For all Muslims has begun.
    Praising Allah through the day,
    From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
    We pay zakah (charity) for those in need,
    Trying hard to do good deeds.

    When the sun has set, and day is done-
    I’ll break this chain, but only one.
    By the end of Ramadan, this whole chain will be all gone!
    It’s time for Eid and lots of fun!!!

  9. Irving says:

    Thank you for the sweet Ramadan poem, Dear Waed :)

    Ya Haqq!

  10. Chi-Wai Wong says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    Is this the poem “Darvish” sung by the famous Shakira? The song is called “Darvish” from her album Zabene Negah. I am trying to get the English/Farsi translation of this beautiful song.

    Thanks so much,

  11. Shiraz says:

    Salaam Irving,

    This is a wonderful poem! I was Googling this morning for some Ramadan inspiration and was delighted to stumble upon this and return to your site. Thanks for sharing it. Is it available in a particular collection or book?

    Ramadan Kareem,

  12. Irving says:

    Alaikum Salaam Dear Shiraz:

    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your loved ones :)

    The poem is a ghazal from the Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi, translated by Nevit Ergin and Camille Helminski, and is also included in the book, The Rumi Collection, edited by Kabir Helminski. It can be purchased on :)

    Ya Haqq!

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