Love what God Loves

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Love what God loves. Love God with all your hearts and weary not of the Word of God and its mention. Harden not your hearts from it. Worship God and associate naught with Him; fear Him as he ought to be feared; carry out loyally towards God what you say with your mouths. Love one another in the Spirit of God.

– a portion of one of the first orations of the blessed Prophet (pbuh) delivered in Medina.

Ya Haqq!

7 Responses to Love what God Loves

  1. Baraka says:

    Subhan’Allah – beautiful.

  2. DrDeb says:

    Yes, loving what God loves instead of what the world loves or what the ego loves — that’s the heart of it. Thanks for posting these beautiful words; I added your site as one of my favorites.

  3. Hajar Alwi says:

    Beautiful proses … loads of gratitude for sharing this lovely reminder. :)

  4. didymusthomas says:

    Thanks for this fantastic reminder!

  5. Sumera says:

    Love is hard to do in an age where everyone is consumed with hate or envy.

  6. The God’s love is in every pieces of creatures…He gives beauty to all …He is the great Artist!

  7. What does it mean to say God is love in a metaphysical sense? I suspect the answer is more difficult than it might seem.
    You might be interested in the following post:(

    Nice post!

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