All of us or none

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“They say that other country over there, dim blue in the twilight, farther than the orange stars exploding over our roofs, is called peace, but who can find the way? This time we cannot cross until we carry each other. All of us refugees, all of us prophets. No more taking turns on history’s wheel, trying to collect old debts no one can pay. The sea will not open that way. This time that country is what we promise each other, our rage pressed cheek to cheek until tears flood the space between, until there are no enemies left, because this time no one will be left to drown and all of us must be chosen. This time it’s all of us or none.”

Aurora Levins Morales

With gratitude to Sister Yafiah at the Wild Darvish Writes blog for introducing me to this remarkable poet.

Ya Haqq!

4 Responses to All of us or none

  1. The Prophecy says:

    At once heartbreaking, and heartwarming. First it breaks you, then it brings you together anew. Reformed. In Oneness.


  2. Anum Yasar says:

    Beautiful! :)
    And I really like your words ‘The Prophecy’ :)

  3. lovepeace says:

    wowwwww….i’m going to check this poet out. haven’t been reading poetry lately, need to get back to it, insha’Allah!

  4. angel says:

    Wonderful reading, of course I would expect you to only steer me in the direction of knowledge.

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