President Barack Hussein Obama!!

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:


Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America.

May Allah bless him and guide him rightly, so that at last, justice may flow down like water, and rightousness like a mighty stream.  Amin.

Ya Haqq!

7 Responses to President Barack Hussein Obama!!

  1. frieda says:

    But if I was Obama, I would not have choosen the poet to read that awful poem!!! what was that??? My goodness! :-)

    I would choose YOU and have your read “the moon is always full”, what a fitting poem for the moment.

  2. pbsweeney says:

    Well, her heart worked very hard to write it especially for Obama, even if some of us may not have been very fond of it. But yes to hearing The Moon is Always Full on inauguration day! Send Obama that poem, I say.

    And may God bless him and keep him close in these coming years. And may all our love travel with him.

  3. Irving says:

    Thank you, dear Frieda and Patricia, for the kind words about The Moon is Always Full :)
    For those that have not read it, the poem can be found in the blogroll under the My Poetry heading :)

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Ismail Radpour says:

    He can be the best president of the all times if and only if he cause to stopping the wars around the world.


    Ya Haqq!

  5. quest says:

    stop all wars? poor obama, that’s some pressure. :-)

    great poetry Dervish.

  6. Rabia says:

    Let’s honor the garbage guy who just does his humble job. Let’s write a poem for him (and give him a higher salary).

  7. Faraaz says:

    haha he has the same middle name as me :)

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