Touching Faith

you have your doubt
because doubt
is the bars of a cage
you believe in.
you see only
a blurred world of illusion.
still gently as the breath prays
the soul dreams its way
out of every prison people create,
including the fear
that leads to lack of belief.
Lover, it’s your heart we seek
inside our own. you have felt
the breath of Him on your skin
until you named it wind.
how can we know
we dress things in our own
sense of limitation?

if i placed a star in the palm of your hand,
you would feel the way
the earth feels when it becomes
a mother to a forest of seeds.
behold the star now.
if you believe it
is what you view from earth,
balance it in the palm of your hand.
if you can’t, you have touched Truth,
allowing your heart the faith
of the entire universe.

– This beautiful spiritual poem is from Sister Annie’s Kneeling Before the Rose poetry blog, and posted with her permission and my gratitude.

Ya Haqq!

9 Responses to Touching Faith

  1. Achelois says:

    I needed this – really. I am feeling (spiritually) so low lately.

  2. Maithri says:

    Dear Brother,

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this light here. Sister Annie’s poetry is gorgeous.

    Thank you for being in this world. For your gentle radiance.

    My love to you,


  3. asqfish says:

    Subhanalllah, beautiful, beautiful words!

  4. Umm Yasmin says:

    Assalamu ‘alaykum akhee,

    I just wanted to pop off a short note, saying that just the other night I finished Master of the Jinn. I truly enjoyed it and am inspired by your wonderful words and thoughts. It was an entrancing story and I had no idea where the journey would take me. I do hope you are considering writing more!!! I want to know what happens to the characters – they are old friends I don’t want to lose!!

  5. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters and Brother:

    Thank you for the kind comments on Sister Annie’s beautiful poem :) Please go to her blog to read much more of her heartfelt spiritual poetry. It is well worth the visit :)

    And Sister Umm Yasmin, your kind words about Master of the Jinn touch my heart :) I know how you feel about them being old friends now, and inshallah, there will be more to come.

    Ya Haqq!

  6. Shahrzad says:

    I believe that doubt is good, of course just when it makes the person moving on and study to find answers. It can be considered as a motivation for brainy people, but not good at all for lazy minds.. :)

    Thank you for this beautiful poem..

  7. Amina says:

    very beautiful poem, call of believer…hope we will always keep our iman in heart

  8. ned says:

    Absolutely fantastic. I especially loved this:

    “you have your doubt
    because doubt
    is the bars of a cage
    you believe in.”

    Precisely! Doubt is necessary on the spiritual path — it disciplines and prepares us to receive the Light of the Divine — but it is just the preparation for the real thing.

    Some quotes from Sri Aurobindo here (I especially like the first one):

    The sceptic mind doubts always because it cannot understand, but the faith of the God-lover persists in knowing although it cannot understand. Both are necessary to our darkness, but there can be no doubt which is the mightier. What I cannot understand now, I shall some day master, but if I lose faith & love, I fall utterly from the goal which God has set before me.

    I may question God, my guide & teacher, & ask Him, “Am I right or hast Thou in thy love & wisdom suffered my mind to deceive me?” Doubt thy mind, if thou wilt, but doubt not that God leads thee.

    Reason gives me no basis for this faith, thou murmurest. Fool! If it did, faith would not be needed or demanded of thee.

    And yet:

    The enemy of faith is doubt, and yet doubt too is a utility and necessity, because man in his ignorance and in his progressive labour towards knowledge needs to be visited by doubt, otherwise he would remain obstinate in an ignorant belief and limited knowledge and unable to escape from his errors. This utility and necessity of doubt does not altogether disappear when we enter on the path of Yoga.

    So the trick is to watch the doubts and the anxiety in trusting anticipation that it will all be resolved eventually (indeed we have no choice but to do this . . . to keep doubting everything would lead to nihilism and probably to suicide) . . . doubts too have their utility or else why would we be experiencing them in the first place? Doubt all you want but remember to also doubt your doubts! ;-)

    Thanks for quoting this great poem.

  9. Dipti says:

    Dearest Brother..Thanks for sharing this beautiful pearl with all of us…very beautiful..

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