Master of the Jinn Book Review

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Our dear Sister Annie has written a very good and generous book review of Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel on her excellent Divine Remembrance blog. Please check it out HERE :)

Ya Haqq!


7 Responses to Master of the Jinn Book Review

  1. Shahrzad says:

    Thank you for informing this. I will read that..

  2. ned says:

    I have to buy your book! ;-)

  3. aiman says:

    I have to “buy” your book, too! That’s the reason I didn’t opt for a free ebook you were giving out earlier during Eid. Insha’Allah one day I will write a review as well. Congratulations.

  4. Abdul. says:

    Yeh i have to buy your book as well Irving……or i just might put a request in at the library so they’ll have to order the book. Save some money that way :-P

  5. Dipti says:

    Dear Brother .. The book deserved each and every word of praise by Sister Annie .. She probably echo’s sentiments of most of the readers who read your book. Kudos to her to capture it so wonderfully though …

  6. Marahm says:

    Salaam, Irving,

    I’ve started reading your book, and I want to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I couldn’t imaginge what “a Sufi novel” might read like, and I know little about Sufism, but your story-telling ability and skill with words has allowed me to enter the story freely. I appreciate how you seamlessly inform the reader about the Path, all the while keeping the momentum of the story foremost.

    (By the way, I tried posting this comment on Blogger, but couldn’t do it. Too many “incorrect url” messages and difficult letter sequences, a problem I’ve had frequently when trying to post comments on Blogger.)

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    Thank you for the kind comments :) And Marahm, your comment did go through on Blogger. Sometimes error messages come up and the comment goes through anyway. They need to work out those glitches, inshallah.

    Ya Haqq!

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