What Man Does Not Know

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

God Almighty has created separate food for the physical and spiritual parts of the human being. The food of the body is material like the body itself; while the soul’s food is of a spiritual nature. It is love of God, remembrance of God, nearness, presence and union with the Divine Beloved. Thus, thirst for the material and spiritual food is in the very nature of man and nobody can change his nature.

Hence, the present frustration, lack of peace of mind, mental diseases, suicides, universal conflicts, confrontations and wars, in short all our individual and collective woes and worries are due to the fact that, while every thing possible is being done to feed and fatten the body (the horse), nothing is being done to feed the soul (the rider) who really matters. So, the result cannot be different from what is before us in the form of global strife, warfare and frustration, which even the best brains are unable to eradicate.

Therefore, it can be safely said that one of the greatest tragedies, the worst failures and the severest misfortunes of all times is that man does not try to know that he is the masterpiece of God’s creation. He does not know he is the Vicegerent of God on earth. He does not know that he is the microcosm combining within himself all the forces of Nature. He does not know how many suns, moons and stars rise and set in him. He does not know that oceans, mountains and deserts lie dormant in him. He does not know what forces of construction and destruction he combines. He does not know that beasts, monsters and demons lie within him. He does not know how many angels adore his audience and his countenance. He does not know what pearls of wisdom and excellence are stored in his nature. He does not know what powers of miracles and supernatural acts he possesses. He does not know what Divine Mysteries, Divine Beauty, Grace, Love, Light and Divine Wisdom he has been blessed with. He does not know what his worth is, his value, greatness, honor and esteem in the scale of creation, so that angels are commanded by the Lord to salute him. He does not know what heights of spiritual perfection in the nearness, presence and union with the Divine Lord he is capable of scaling, and what depth of Reality he is capable of fathoming. He does not know that he can fly far beyond the orbits of the sun, moon and stars and reach the regions of Divine proximity where he is delegated with Divine powers to rule over the universe. He does not know what charms, fascinations, raptures and ecstasies he enjoys in the company of the Divine Beloved so that all barriers of physicality are broken, all veils are lifted, all curtains are removed, and he stands face to face with Divine Beauty. Not only that, he becomes one with the One Beloved.

– Hazrat Maulana Wahid Bakhsh (d. 1995), one of the great modern Sufi saints of the Chisti Sufi Order. Edited from a longer excerpt and posted with permission from the excellent and spiritually enlightening Green Sufi blog.

Ya Haqq!

11 Responses to What Man Does Not Know

  1. Salaam Alaikum,

    Wonderful as always! Jazak Allahu Khayran brother.

  2. Baraka says:

    Salam ‘alaykum dear brother Irving,

    Subhan-Allah, the third paragraph particularly is absolutely mind-blowing!


  3. Dipti says:

    Dear Brother .. A wonderful article as always ..Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Maithri says:

    Dear Brother Irving,

    These love kissed words sing to my heart… my soul…

    May we learn to dissolve the illusions of separateness

    so that we may know, as deeply, as intimately as we are known.

    Sending you my love on the arms of this evening,


  5. Krishna.N.c says:

    Beloved Bother Irving,
    Alhumdullilah!! If only we humans- His own blessed creations knew and realised the Goal of our lives…going into the arms of Our Beloved :)
    What a beautiful, touching post brother! I couldnt help but read it innumerable times unless the overwhelming feeling stirred my soul :)
    May The Almighty bless Maulana Wahid’s soul with peace. Thank you brother for getting this Rider back to track, everytime it gets busy and disillusioned with feeding the horse… ;)
    May Allah bless you with Wisdom so as to bring His Kingdom to Light and Glory!
    My humble Salaam and a big hug for my loving brother :)

  6. Shahrzad says:

    “He does not know he is the Vicegerent of God on earth.”

    So true. We human beings are goal of the creation and Universe. But we sometimes forget how much our responsibility on the earth is momentous and significant..

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters and Brother:

    Thank you all for your comments :) Indeed, this is the heart of the matter, that as a Sufi master once said, “There is nothing more occult than the human spirit.”

    Alhamdulillah, humanity is a fountain of surprises :)

    Ya Haqq!

  8. almiskeenah says:

    Assalamu alaikum Dear Irving Darvish,
    another precious gem unearthed by your ever watchful heart. I too have linked to it, JazakumuLlahu khairan.
    May all that distracts us from knowing Hu be obliterated by His Divine Effulgence, Ameen.
    As Rabi’a said:
    May Allah steal from you
    All that steals you from Him.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  9. Dimas says:

    Masha Allah, really beautiful, what an inspiring words from a humble heart.
    Thanks brother for the posting.

  10. Aafke says:

    I love the third paragraph. I found it very uplifting.
    I have real problems though as to regarding humanity as the last word. I think humanity sucks, and suffering from delusions of grandieur, of which I think considering yourself as ”the crown of creation” to be the ultimate in arrogance.

    And I think we are the servants of the earth, for to rule makes one a servant. The more you rule, the more responsibility, the more you serve.

  11. Amina says:

    very inspiring and moving post, thx

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