Solzhenitsyn and The Grateful Heart

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“It was only when I lay there on rotting prison straw that I sensed within myself the first stirring of good,” says Alexander Solzhenitsyn. “Gradually, it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through parties, states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through all human hearts. So, bless you, prison, for having been in my life.”

With Solzhenitsyn as our inspiration, let us take a moment to find the gift of one difficult thing we have faced and give thanks for its teachings.

~ From the book A Grateful Heart, edited by M. J. Ryan

Taken with gratitude from the Blog of the Grateful Bear.

Ya Haqq!


12 Responses to Solzhenitsyn and The Grateful Heart

  1. Shahrzad says:

    Very beautiful. Remind me of this poem by Hafiz:

    “For years my heart was in search of the Grail
    What was inside me, it searched for, on the trail

    That pearl that transcends time and place
    Sought of divers whom oceans sail..”

  2. Aafke says:

    I do sense the truth in this, but I can do with less of these gifts. I’ll just end up a bit less wise.

  3. Salaam Alaikum,

    I always come away so much happier after having read your blog. Jazak Allahu Khayran for your wonderful words and quotes.

    P.S How’s the wedding planning going?

  4. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters:

    Thank you for the comments :) Shahrzad, the Hafiz poem is lovely and so true, and Aafki, I understand what you mean, although most times the gift finds us, and wisdom comes at He wills. Safiya, the wedding planning is complete, my daughter is very organized and thorough :) Now all she has to do is show up and actually say “I do.” haha

    Ya Haqq!

  5. Maithri says:

    Dear Brother,

    Your blog is a balm for the weary soul.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely, with such tender grace,

    I always leave here with a cup full of hope.

    Sending you love and the rich loam of peace to support your every footstep,


  6. almiskeenah says:

    Assalamu alaikum Dear Irving Darvish and all commenting such wisdoms,
    If only we could see through the gloomy veils of our nafs to recognize all inherent favours; gifts accompanying every breath, SubhanAllah!
    Wassalamu alaikum

  7. Joubin Houshyar says:

    Salaam to all,

    I strongly second Safiya’s post; that is why my browser opens to this blog by default. AlhamduliLLAH!

    Thank you Brother Darvish! May ALLAH Be Pleased with you and Find you Acceptable in HIS Holy un-Erring Sight, Blessed Be HIS Holy Name!

    /& Salaam!

  8. Krishna says:

    My beloved brother Irving,
    What a lovely, eye-opening piece of advise you have shared with all of us!! I always have received so many messages through your blog and your blessed writings which have opened my heart and soul to lead a better and a meaningful righteous life :))
    May Allah Bless you and honour you and shower on you His Infinite grace! I so dearly Love you Brother:)
    My humble salaam and a big bear hug!

  9. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving bhai

    Thank you for this interesting and profound quote. Allah bless you always.

    I hope that, God willing, all is well with you and yours.

    Abdur Rahman

  10. ned says:

    Brother Irving, this reminds me of Sri Aurobindo’s life story — his major spiritual realizations took place when he was imprisoned by the British for taking part in India’s freedom struggle. He later wrote:

    “When I was asleep in the Ignorance, I came to a place of meditation full of holy men and I found their company wearisome and the place a prison; when I awoke, God took me to a prison and turned it into a place of meditation and His trysting-ground.”

    What faith! What an inspiration Sri Aurobindo is!

  11. This is amazing. It says a lot in one sentence, its like a remedy for prejudice.

  12. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Brother:

    I love his writing; I read practically all his works. They contain many lessons.

    I used to let my health get me down a little. Then I read that the Sahaba (ra) used to pray to get sick because the fitnah contained so much reward. Then the Messenger (saw) told them not to pray for it, but to be grateful for the reward when and if they did get ill.

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