“Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother.”

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Bayazid Bastami said: What I was searching to find in my purification, mortification, striving and servitude, I found in serving my mother. One night my mother woke up and asked me for a glass of water. I hurried to bring her some water. I searched around the house and there was no water in the container nor in the bucket. It was a cold night. I went outside to the spring to get some water. When I came back my mother was asleep. So I stayed beside her bed with the glass of water. Near dawn she woke up and upon hearing my story she took the water, drank it, and prayed for me. In that moment, I found what my heart was looking for.

Paradise lies at the feet of the mother.” a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh).

Ya Haqq!

25 Responses to “Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother.”

  1. Qisas.com says:

    Very beautiful reminder indeed.

    JazakAllah for that.

  2. GreenSufi says:

    subhan Allah bhai thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Katib says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum Br darvish

    These words are heart felt. God’s love and compassion is manifested through our mothers.
    By the way I have also tagged you for this wonderful book meme, forgive me for this.

    May Allah bless you


  4. Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    Beautiful. A reminder not only to us to be such dutiful children, but also to be the kind of mother that inspires such attentiveness in our children.

  5. Assalamualaykum

    I remember this from my childhood, My mum always told us!
    I just never knew the source, JazakumAllah Khair

  6. suhaa says:

    asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah wabarakatu:

    jazakAllah kheir for this beautiful reminder..i think i should remind my kids of this story again, they are due to listen to it again, (and again) !! :-)

    i’m not aware of who related this story, who is Bastami?

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you all for your comments :) For Sister Suhaa, here is more on Bayazid:


    Click on some of the links at the bottom of the article for further reading.

    Ya Haqq!

  8. Shahrzad says:

    Mom’s love is the most true unconditional love in the world.. That’s why paradise is under her feet. But how about those women who are infertile to make babies?
    That makes me think that Motherhood is not just delivering the baby, that’s “the motherhood feeling” which a woman has for another. Even for her husband in a way :)

  9. Krishna.N.c says:

    My Beloved Respected Brother Irving,
    Mashallah!! Its so beutiful brother….Very heartwarming..i am at work and after i read this i went and gave my mom a tight hug! I so deeply believe that God couldnt be everywhere, therefore He made Mothers:))
    Thank you so much my dearest brother!
    A tight hug for you too!!

  10. Dipti says:

    Brother Irving .. This is such a wonderful and heartwarming qissa. thanks so much for sharing brother ..There is a beautiful hadees that someone has shared before . Also it posted in the physicalworld Urdu blog recently @ http://physicalworld-physicalworld.blogspot.com/2008/02/pyaray-nabi-kay-farman.html

    “ma bap rishtay dar ka haq
    ***hazrat abu huraira razi-allah say riwayat hai kay ek shakhs nay nabi sallellahu alaihi wasallam say daryaft kiya: kay mujh per khidmat aur acha sulook ka sub say ziyada haq kis ka hai ? app (sallellahu alaihi wasallam) nay irshad farmaya kay tumhari ma.. maien phir kahta houn tumhari ma… maien phir kahta houn tumhari ma… uss kay bad tumharay baap ka haq hai… uss kay bad jo tumharay qareebi rishtay dar houn (un ka haq hai).. phir jo un kay bad qareebi rishtay dar houn (un ka haq hai)..(hadees:bukhari , muslim)”

    Translated to English:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    A man came to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and asked,
    “O Allah’s Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?”
    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother
    .” The man said. “Who is next?”
    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother.
    ” The man further said, “Who is next?”
    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother.
    ” The man asked for the fourth time,
    “Who is next?” The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your father. ”

  11. A very heart felt narration. This is something that all of us can relate to. Jazakallah for posting this.

  12. Maithri says:

    Thank you dear brother for these glorious words,

    They bring tears to my eyes and the breeze of humility to my heart.

    With love and deep thanks for all that you are,


  13. priya says:

    thank you dearest brother for reminding us.

  14. seeker94 says:

    ….. and also the mother-in-law.

    Thank-you for posting this. My mother-in-law has been very sick these last few months and we’ve been kept very busy attending to her daily needs. This is a timely reminder for us.

  15. Sis Zabrina says:


    As Salaamu ‘alaykum and peace to all,

    Such a beautiful reminder, mashaAllaah….

    It reminded me of an anon quote:

    No painter’s brush, nor poet’s pen
    In justice to her fame
    Has ever reached half high enough
    To write a mother’s name.

    Sis Zabrina
    ~ Life Storyteller ~

  16. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Lovely, lovely reminder. Jazak’Allahu khair.

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam

  17. Jameil says:

    asssalamu alaykum
    I wanted to know if this saying ‘paradise lies at the feet of the mother’is in the quran or nott??
    If so can i please get someone to email me the page it is on and what surra it is this would be much appreciated
    asssalamu alaykum

  18. Irving says:

    Salaam Alaykum Brother Jameil:

    It is a hadith, a saying of the Prophet (pbuh), but there is some mention in the Qur’an also.

    Here is part of an article from Islam Online:

    “Where do you find Paradise? The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “ Paradise is at the feet of the mother.”

    This is variously interpreted to mean that the mother is responsible for teaching her children their religious obligations and good behavior that will win them Paradise; or it may mean that we earn Paradise by serving our mother throughout her life.

    Either way, it shows the great esteem, honor and respect that Islam has for mothers. While the fourth Commandment in the Bible is “Honor thy father and thy mother”, the Bible does not mention the mother separately as deserving good treatment.

    The Qur’an, in contrast, gives special recognition to the mother’s suffering in bearing and nursing her child: “And We have enjoined on man to be good to his parents: In travail upon travail did his mother bear him and in two years was his weaning. Show gratitude to Me and to your parents” (31:14). ”

    Ya Haqq!

  19. Pauline Habib says:

    Salaam Alaykum

    This is one touching and beautiful story as i am a 14 year old Austalian lebanese muslim girl who might have done bad in my life towards my mum but after reading this story i understood the respect we should give our mother as they have brought us to this world and raised us with the best of their ability ..

    May allah shower my mum and every other mother with blessing and reward them with the smell of janah

    Amin Ya rab

  20. Saleh says:

    Masha Allahu la quwwata illa billah. Rasoolullah ( s.a.w.)’s Hadith affirms that mother’s unconditional love is a reflection of God’s unconditional exsistance and power. Sadaqa rasool al kareem (S.A.W.)Ameen

  21. ayesha says:

    Assalamu alaikum…Darvish
    Masha Allah..this story is very touching..i love my mother very much…she is so precious to me…

    A beautiful hadees on mother

    A man came to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and asked,

    “O Allah’s Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?”

    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother

    .” The man said. “Who is next?”

    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother.

    ” The man further said, “Who is next?”

    The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your mother.

    ” The man asked for the fourth time,

    “Who is next?” The Prophet(PBUH) said, “Your father. “

  22. Misreya says:


    Can someone tell me the exact words of the hadith
    “Paradise lies before your mothers feet”

  23. Hussain Mehdi says:

    A Famous Hadith Paradise lies under the feet of your mother. This Hadith is absolutely correct when Allah has made Paradise lies under the feet of mother so think about Allah’s point of view how much the love of mother? Allah loves think like a mother more than others so, why we don’t have love our mother? Allah born us in this world only for the respect of mother so please respect your mother or take care her mother and also obey to Allah so that Allah also include you our superior creators like wise mother.

  24. isacrohan says:

    Thanks for reminding me about mother’s love. They are my spirit in life

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