Master of the Jinn Ebook on Amazon’s New Kindle Book Reader

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Alhamdulillah! Master of the Jinn is one of the 400,000+ Ebooks available on’s new Kindle book reader for only $3.99. If you have already purchased one, or are planning to, and buy Master of the Jinn to read on it, please let me know how it works. Also, if you ordered the Ebook through Mobipocket for $4.99, let me know how it looks.

I love the idea of book readers, and am told that Amazon’s Kindle is really good at what it does. You can order a book and get it in less than one minute anywhere in the world. And you can preview the first chapter to see if you want to buy it beforehand. Wow! This will also be really great for schoolchildren, if they include textbooks on it, so they don’t have to lug heavy backpacks filled with books.

Now a lot of us old timers may be ambivalent to the idea, but modern kids grow up using a computer so it will be second nature to them. And when the price goes down, as it inevitably will, book readers like the Kindle, and others that are on the market, will soon have a larger and larger share of the book buying public. (And you can also read newspapers and magazines on it).

Of course, holding a book you love in your hands is a pleasure, but how many books do you reread? I can only name a dozen or so.

And I love the idea of not having to cut down trees to make books and newspapers, so welcome Kindle :) To see what all the shouting is about, click HERE:

Ya Haqq!


11 Responses to Master of the Jinn Ebook on Amazon’s New Kindle Book Reader

  1. Dipti says:

    Irving Bhai .. So true .. My husband gifted me a Sony Ebook reader this year on my birthday and I absolutely love it .. Being an avid reader, I have thanked him already a dozen times telling him that it’s the best gift I have ever received ..Although I miss the feel and touch (and fragrance) of a real book (old habits don’t die soon), but i absolutely adore the convenience and portability of my ebook reader…

  2. annie says:

    i hadn’t seen those readers at amazon. they are cool looking.

    pam is buying me a hard copy of your book as a gift. :)

    have a great weekend.

  3. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sisters:

    Dipti, I have sent you an ebook copy of Master of the Jinn in pdf format. See how it looks on the Sony reader :)

    Annie, what a great gift idea lol :) I hope you enjoy it :)

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Wang Daiyu says:

    As’salam’o’alaikum Brother Irving, It would be great if someone translated it into Mandrian also!

  5. Dipti says:

    Brother Irving .. Thank you so much ..I really appreciate your gesture … am very excited and cant wait to start reading it
    On Sony Ebook the size of text looks very small .. maybe i need to play around a little bit with font sizes before i export …if not then i can always read it directly on my laptop… … thanks again …:-)

  6. Abdul. says:

    I dont like the idea of reading a book on the comp. very much.

    I like the old fashioned way of holding it in my hands and reading it…but thats just me :p

  7. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sister:

    Wang, inshallah, Master of the Jinn will be translated into Mandarin someday :)

    Dipti, you are most welcome :) Yes, make the font bigger. That is a good aspect of the book readers on the market now, and true for Amazon’s Kindle and Mobipocket too.

    Abdul, I don’t like reading books I love on the computer either lol. But we are the old generation. Now kids grow up with computers, so it will be second nature to them. Of course, I love reading newspapers and magazines on the computer, and you can do that with the Kindle too, so that is great, and saves a lot of trees from being cut down. But a good book becomes a friend that I like to hold in my hand and revisit, like a real friend.

    What I like about Book readers is that they would be great for textbooks for school and college kids. No more heavy backpacks. And the font size can be adjusted for easy reading, and they can be copied and annotated and marked up electronically. All reference books can be read that way easily. And the best part of both the Kindle and Mobipocket…. you can read a sample chapter before you buy the book. If I really loved the chapter, I would just buy the paperback to keep :) Just like standing in a bookstore and reading a bit of a book before you buy it. And it is much cheaper than a real book. Also, it lets people all over the world read books they could not get in their home country.

    So there is a place in the future for both electronic readers and real books, and each will find their niche and audience.

    Ya Haqq!

  8. pbsweeney says:

    I personally would hate to read your book on a ‘reader”, as I would miss the great pleasure that is all the illustrative details that accompany the text. I do think it is great for text books also, except that small screens never allow us to see the “whole” of what we are looking at, only pieces and bits of it, or if we ARE allowed to see the whole, it is hopelessly miniaturized. I hope that someday the image of the page may also be projected on a wall or other larger surface, so that the scope of things is not lost.

  9. Congrats! I don’t know if I’ll be getting one of the e-book readers, but I’m glad you’re spreading the Message far and wide, in as many formats as you can. I hope you gain a wider readership through this new opportunity!

  10. I just ripped through the pretty packaging and I love my new Kindle 2! (I’m a late 30’s book lover. I read lots of fiction and non-fiction, and type in notes for my book club.)

    It’s much thinner (and evenly flat as opposed to wedge shaped like the Kindle 1).

    The cover (sold separately) is a vastly better design with clips that hold the Kindle firmly with no straps or elastic. Real leather.

    The font size options include a slightly smaller font that before–looks great.

    The screen has a higher degree of clarity than the Kindle 1.

    Navigation is much easier with the 5-way button.

    The only negative: I miss having a dedicated button to deactivate the wireess, but the overall device has improved so much that I will get over the loss quickly.


  11. Irving says:

    Glad you like your new Kindle, Judi, and I hope you will read Master of the Jinn on your new Kindle 2 and let me know how you liked it. Here is a link to the ebook on Amazon:

    Ya Haqq!

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