Tagged… Again!

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

I have been tagged by Brother Abdul of the Islam at Heart blog. It is the same Weird Meme that I was tagged with almost a year ago, and since I have not gotten any weirder in the eleven months since then, you can read the original meme tag HERE. LOL.

Ya Haqq!


2 Responses to Tagged… Again!

  1. Shahrzad says:

    lol, i wanted to tag you. But i thought maybe you dont like. I didnt know you are faster than us, almost eleven months! :D

  2. Kozi Wolf says:

    hey fellow slovak,
    i too was born in krakow, poland. left really young but go back from time to time as my entire extended family is still there.
    thanks for sharing some tidbits.
    love and light

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