Master of the Jinn Ebook Update II

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Alhamdulillah! After sending One hundred and ten Master of the Jinn Ebooks as Eid Gifts to brothers and sisters who requested it, I have lowered the price on the Mobipocket Master of the Jinn Ebook to $4.99 through the Holiday season. It was such a joy and blessing to just give it away that I want to make it really affordable to all who want to read it.

Click HERE to order one, which you can read on your Windows PC, PDA, Smart phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm OS, Symbian, PocketPC, Franklin eBookMan, Pepper-pad, the iLiad, and many other Ebook readers.

Also, if you live in a country where Sufi books are restricted, email me and I will send you a FREE copy of Master of the Jinn.

If you would prefer to read the paperback, click here to buy it on

Ya Haqq!

9 Responses to Master of the Jinn Ebook Update II

  1. duskfalls says:

    This world they say is an illusion….a dream. Our thoughts and actions are like threads of a net that we weave around ourselves. A veil has been drawn over our mind’s eye and we live out our lives bound and blind folded. Life, they say is a play of shadows through which most of us sleep walk.Few have awakened from this sleep and have tried to show light to the rest of humanity. They succeeded only partly, passing away, leaving behind empty forms to be distorted and misused by their followers.Holy books, sacred messages, rites and rituals, they say, are mere shells. The spirit within, having long departed, along with the Messenger. These shells and forms are mere signposts for those who seek the formless…..and only the true seeker, they say, will find the Path.

  2. AP3 says:

    I bought your book some time ago, by the way. It’s great! really beautiful.

  3. Stranger says:

    And here was me thinking we`re all caught up in The Matrix !! LOL but duskfall you just bettered it (if theres such a word) . Duskfall i guess we should either die or sway without hope to a failure of a solem promise by the Most High upon our very atoms, our very beings.

  4. Ashley Lyn says:


    Thank you for your lovely comment on my poem “Message In a Bottle.” You hit the nail on the head. Originally, I began the piece with the intention to address it to a friend, but then I saw it as the Friend addressing us all. We are all Dearest! Thank you!

    May you have a blessed end of the week and weekend,
    Ashley Lyn

    P.S. I’m definitely going to have to get your book. I read the sections of it you posted here, and it’s fantastic!

  5. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Thank you all for the kind comments :) Duskfalls, what you say is true, but it is also true that sometimes the path finds you. Allah guides whom He wills. Thank you for the great review, AP3 :) And Ashley Lyn, your poem was lovely indeed, and timely :) I hope you enjoy the book :)

    I seem to be smiling a lot today lol

    Ya Haqq!

  6. Maliha says:

    Nothing beats curling up in a comfy chair, with a steaming cuppa chai and reading the actual book. If any of you can afford it, please run and get’s more than worth it :)

  7. Stranger says:

    Maliha hmmm Dont i know that person – hmm me thinks :S

  8. annie says:

    i just learned a few minutes ago about this novel. yesterday, i was in good will shopping for a novel to read from the used book section. apparently, God had something else in mind and i’m looking forward to buying a copy of it. i browsed through it a little at amazon. it looks so beautiful. thank you.

    thank You!

  9. Shahrzad says:

    I can not order its book anyway. I have no address now untill i settle down! :)
    But thank you really.. With the gift, we had a blessed Eid..

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