“Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Love and imagination are magicians

Who create an image of the Beloved in your mind

With which you share your secret intimate moments.

This apparition is made of nothing at all,

But from its mouth comes the question,

“Am I not your Loved One?”

and from you the soft reply”Yes.Yes.Yes.”

~ Rumi ~

In honor of his Urs day, the anniversary of his death, also called the “Wedding NIght,” December 17th, 1273 C.E.  View photos of his shrine in Konya and a short biography here  (scroll down).

Inna lillahi wa-inna ilayi raji’un.
(We belong to God and to God are we returning)

Ya Haqq!

13 Responses to “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

  1. Suroor says:

    Inna lillahi wa-inna ilayi raji’un

  2. pbsweeney says:

    I love this poem! It makes me swoon with the truth and delight of it. So many days the answer is sung with a leap and a cry – YES!

  3. Koonj says:

    thank you for the reminder! a happy day of union!

  4. Koonj says:

    BTW, what is the islamic calendar date for his urs?

  5. M. Shahin says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

    The answer is a resounding Yes!

  6. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sister Koonj:

    A quick search on Google reveals that the Urs of Rumi in the Islamic lunar calendar is 5 Jum’dÓ II 672 AH.

    Ya Haqq!

  7. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving bhai,

    May Allah sanctify Mevlana’s great secret.

    May we all be blessed with an ounce of Mevlana’s Love, insight and wisdom.

    Ya Hazret-i-Mevlana Hakk Dost!

    Ya Allah!

    Abdur Rahman

  8. saqi says:

    Next year is going to be the 800 anniversary of Rumi’s death. UNESCO has declared 2008 has the year of Rumi :)

  9. Irving says:

    Actually, it is the 800th birthday of Rumi, who was born, on September 30th, 1207, or the sixth of Rabi’ al-Awwal in 604 AH, according to Afzal Iqbal’s book, Life and Work of Rumi.

    Ya Haqq!

  10. saqi says:

    Oops, you are right. Thanks for the correction.

  11. Sadiq says:

    Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakat to beloved Rumi. May his soul be in immortal bliss, together with the Immortal Bliss. Amen.

  12. The Weaning Flute says:

    No one can ever know who Maulana Rumi(RA) is by simply reading his poems.They are just a fragrance that calls the bee to the flower.Maulana Rumi(RA) is the flower that posseses the nectar for which people have been ready to sacrifice their lives for.
    Rumi(RA) doesnot live in the word “Rumi” and neither does he live in his poems.Rumi(RA) lives in the hearts of his pupils who had the enoromous luck of being transformed by His Love.
    Seek the pollen that this flower has shed before fading into the unknown….

  13. faith786 says:

    This absolutely reminds me of a poem by Hafiz:

    I rarely let the word ‘no’ escape my mouth
    because it is plain to my soul that
    God shouts, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”
    To every luminous movement of existence

    (badly quoted, but nearly the same)

    Thank you for all the wonderful posts!

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