A Day With the Prophet

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“He who has spent a complete day without causing harm to anyone else, has spent his day with the Prophet (pbuh); were he to do harm to one person, Allah (swt) will not accept any of the prayers he has offered that day.”

– Attributed to Sufi Master Abu al-Hasan Kharaqani.

Ya Haqq!

11 Responses to A Day With the Prophet

  1. Koonj says:

    a good argument for spending an entire day in childcare …

  2. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Sister:

    Actually, it is :)

  3. Suroor says:

    And then we are called the people of hate!

  4. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving bhai,,,

    Ma sha Allah! A great post! What’s the source?

    Ya Allah! How I would love to spend a day with Habibullah!

    Abdur Rahman

  5. Baraka says:

    Something to reflect on deeply.

    Thank you,

  6. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    This saying also means not only to not harm anyone physically, but also by lying, cheating, slander and backbiting. It also means that by refraining from the above you take on the attributes of the Prophet; truthfulness in speech and action, kindness, courtesy, and good manners.

    I think this also applies to oneself; that is, you can also do harm to yourself both physically and with unworthy actions and traits. To treat yourself and others with loving-kindness and courtesy, to emulate the Prophet (pbuh), is indeed to spend a day with him.

    Ya Haqq!

  7. lulando says:


    By telling the truth
    by not growing angry;
    by giving, when asked,
    no matter how little you have
    by these three things
    you enter the presence of Devas


  8. Abdul Muneer says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Bhai,
    Allah says “Va Ma Arsalnaka Illa Rahmathan Lil Alameen”(We have not sent You except as mercy to the universe ). So if anyone spends a complete day showing mercy to others, obviously Prophet(S.A) must have been with him. Otherwise he just wouldn’t be able to do that. There is no other source of Mercy. We don’t realize..
    Abdul Muneer

  9. Abdul Muneer says:

    Abdur Rahman Bhai: How I too long for it. It is not we staying with Habibullah but Habibullah staying with us!!

    Abdul Muneer

  10. M. Shahin says:

    Subhanallah, this is very powerful and really makes us aware how careful we have to be with others. So very careful.

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