The Thankfulness of Forgiving

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“Be reconciled with the one who has broken with you, pardon the one who has been unjust to you, and forgive the one who denies you.”

– A hadith of the Prophet (pbuh)

How many of us live up to this blessed hadith, instead of carrying around past resentments, slights, hurts, angers, injustices, and injuries, like chains weighing down our lives, and veils over our hearts. I know I have been guilty of this, may Allah forgive me. And yet we still find it hard to let go and forgive, even though we pray and hope and beg and plead for Allah forgiveness.

Alhamdulillah! How great is Allah’s bounty that just yesterday we gave thanks for all that He has bestowed upon us, and yet what thanks are accepted by Him when we are thankless to those that grieved us by not also forgiving them, and in doing so, forgiving ourselves.

In the words of Sa’di from the Gulistan (The Rose Garden):

When you are mistreated, put up with it;

Forgiving purifies you from sin.

As you will turn to dust in the end,

Become dust before you reach that end.

Ya Haqq!


7 Responses to The Thankfulness of Forgiving

  1. Sadiq says:


    Praise be to Hu.

  2. Yafiah says:

    Salaam brother, yes, it is true and necessary to forgive others and also to ask forgiveness of those we have hurt so that the burden we insist on carrying around on our backs becomes lighter and eventually falls away

  3. Abdur Rahman says:

    Ya Allah!

    How true! O Darvish, you wound us with words of Truth, which open us to His Love.

    ‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord’

    Indeed, we are for Allah and to Him we are returning.

    Ma’as salama,

    Abdur Rahman

  4. shirazi says:

    Thanks for reminding this tradition that is the basis of human co-existing,

  5. irving says:

    Salaam and Greetings of Peace Dear Brothers and Sister:
    Thank you for the kind comments. I love this hadith and Sa’di’s poem, as it encapsulates God’s love for us, and His expectations of us loving each other. From a Sufi point of view, if we want God to forgive us, we first have to forgive and serve each other. What could be more of a blessing?
    Ya Haqq!

  6. Suroor says:

    I have worked very hard on forgiveness. Now I can forgive sometimes but I can’t forget.

    Ya Darvish, you have helped me in so many ways I can’t explain. May Allah reward you for the beauty you weave with your pen, ameen!

    And may Brass Crescent award you too ;-)

  7. ibn ziad says:

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful

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