A Tale of the Desert Fathers

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“A brother in Scetis committed a fault. A council was called to which Abba Moses was invited, but he refused to go to it. Then the priest sent someone to him, saying, ‘Come, for everyone is waiting for you.’ So he got up and went. He took a leaking jug and filled it with water and carried it with him. The others came out to meet him and said, ‘What is this, father?’ The old man said to them, ‘My sins run out from behind me, and I do not see them, and today I am coming to judge the errors of another.’  When they heard that, they were ashamed and said no more to the brother but forgave him.”

Ya Haqq!

Note: Abba Moses was one of the early Christian Desert Fathers, monks who lived a monastic and ascetic life before the coming of Islam. Scetis is west of the Nile in Egypt. From the book, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers.


9 Responses to A Tale of the Desert Fathers

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving Bhai…

    A lovely story. May God bless you for sharing it. It just goes to show that God’s Love, and the Path towards it has always existed.

    Ya Allah! Ya Wali! Hasbi Allah wa ni`ma al-Wakeel..

    Abdur Rahamn

  2. mark walter says:

    We are certainly too quick to judge. both ourselves and others.

  3. SUROOR says:

    Hmm, I am thinking, dear brother, thinking hard…

    So, right Abba Moses was!

  4. samaha says:

    Salam and Thank you. I needed this reminder.

  5. aftabzz says:

    another one of a series of enlightening post ! God Bless Ya Bruv!

  6. Irving says:

    Salaam Dear Brothers and Sisters:
    Indeed, our sins are leaking behind us, and yet we pass judgments on others every day with our thoughts and gossip. The Qu’ran forbids slandering another, and all the Sufi masters of past and present were admonished by God to not let even a thought of slander and judgement of another enter their minds. A very good lesson for me.
    Ya Haqq!

  7. Sumera says:

    SubhanAllah, thank you for sharing this akhee.

  8. sf says:

    Thanks for this important reminder, br. Irving.
    Jazaak Allah Khair

  9. M. Shahin says:

    Subhanallah! Wow…I wasn’t expecting that, but how wise and true. We all need to remember that when looking at the faults of others, we each have the same and more.

    May Allah bless you for posting this to remind us to look at ourselves and not others.

    Wa Salaam

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