In Memory of Alia Ansari

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

By now, many of you may have heard of the senseless killing of our sister Alia Ansari as she walked with her toddler to pick up her other children from school. This happened in America, in Fremont, California. Here is the story from Imam Zaid Shakir on Zaytuna

The statement of Alia’s husband reminded me of the love and compassion shown by the Amish community after a troubled man killed five children:

“Her husband, contrary to the caricature of the vindictive, hateful, enraged Muslim, mentioned how the family did not wish her martyrdom be treated as a hate crime, because he did not want her death to be a source of agitation in the area’s large Muslim community…His gentle voice was most emphatic when he mentioned that he did not want his wife’s death to be politicized. Rather, he wanted her spirit of love and reconciliation to prevail after her passing as it had during her life”

And here also is the heartening response of one group in the area:

Foundation for Self-Reliance (Fremont, California)

Concerned women of Fremont, CA have formed a response to the murder of Alia Ansari, and other crimes of violence against Muslims and Muslim women. What we know is this was an act of violence. What we do not know is who did this and why (though a “person of interest” was arrested). But if it was an act of hate, then we want to stand behind all women who wear hijabs, or dress differently, and show them that Fremont is a place that is tolerant toward all people and proud of its diversity.

Visit their website by clicking here.  And spread the word, if Allah moves you to do so.

Men may also wear a turban to join in the day. I have no turban, but I will wear a Taj, the triangular, pointed hat worn as a sign of service on the Sufi path.

May Allah bless the soul of our dear sister Alia Ansari, and grant her a place in the front ranks of those Friends of Allah who lived a quiet and exemplary life of love and devotion.  Amin.

Ya Haqq!


10 Responses to In Memory of Alia Ansari

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving,

    Ya Allah! What a senseless tragedy! Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. ‘Indeed we are for God and to Him we are returning’

    Abdur Rahman

  2. SUROOR says:

    I just read about Alia’s death on Muslim Apple’s blog. This is shattering news. This is so sad! May Allah have mercy on her soul and her children. My heart hurts…

  3. darvish says:

    Salaam Dear Brother Abdur and Sister Suroor, and all who read this post:

    La illaha illallah! The death of our Sister Alia is a great sadness for her family who loved her deeply, for her young children and gentle, spiritual husband, and yet it was not a tragedy, for tragedy lies in a wasted life, and Alia’s was far from such a life. Here are the words of Iman Shakir in the Zaytuna story.

    Alia was indeed a helper. In addition to her tireless and faithful service to her immediate family, she was constantly helping relatives and neighbors, many of whom themselves had recently migrated to this country from their native Afghanistan. Her brother, Humayun, remarked that she did the work of six people and never complained. A typical day might find her preparing meals for the family, dropping the children to school, taking a neighbor shopping, shuttling a newly-arrived relative to the immigration department, watching a neighbor’s child, nursing a sick relative, or numerous other tasks demanding the sacrifice of her time and energy.

    Although never formally educated in Islam, she was a deeply devout and spiritual individual. Her husband noted that she never missed a prayer…A few days before her demise, she told her husband that she had seen her deceased grandfather, an individual well known for his righteousness, in a dream. The learned sage indicated that the end of her worldly struggles was near, and a resting place in Paradise would soon be hers.

    Her grandfather told her in a dream that her worldy struggles were soon to end.

    Alhamdulillah! That such a dream came to her as a warning and a blessing from the next life. Indeed, her service in this life was not in vain, for I am certain that she was a Wali woman, a friend of the Friend, and she is now in the first rank of His beloveds. 

    May her life be a beacon of light for her husband and children and family, and her death at her allotted time a legacy of love and service to the Muslim community that will live on in the memory of all good people, as the women of Fremont attest to.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. […] I found out about Alia Ansari today, first from Muslim Apple’s blog and then from Irving’s. Later, I read two interesting posts by Nowal and Mezba on how women are sexualised and exploited in advertisements.     […]

  5. sf says:

    May Allah(SWT) Bless Sister Alia’s soul. Ameen
    In her martyrdom, Allah has granted her a high place in Paradise.
    Sister Alia’s husband holds such high morals and compassion in his heart which shows an immense respect for his wife’s sacrifice upholding her pious life. May Allah(SWT) grant him, their children and family the strength to bear this irreparable loss with patience and dignity. Ameen

  6. mshahin says:

    Alia Ansari was a beautiful and compassionate Muslim sister. May Allah grant her jannatul firdaus; she is in a beautiful place now with God. She is an example for us all to emulate and the response of her family as you mentioned reflects the response of the Amish, which is mercy towards all of God’s creation even those who err.

    Thank you for posting this and alerting us to the beautiful response of some to her death.

    Wa Salaam

  7. arafat says:

    I heard about Alia from someone I met last Monday night at a dinner; she said her aunt apparently saw the whole thing from her window! I was shocked to hear about it and was surprised that I hadn’t read about such an incident in the news. Later when I came back home, I checked online to learn more about what happened. I noticed that the incident hadn’t yet received much attention outside the Fremont/CA press.

    May she rest in peace. May God bless the children left behind, and her family, and friends.

  8. What a tragedy.
    Ameen to the duas.

  9. yasmine says:

    Thank you, Irving, for posting about this. I have not read about Alia Ansari on any of the weblogs I frequent, and was a bit sad about this. We in the Bay Area have been grieving for her and her family for over a week now, but I wasn’t sure how much coverage her death received outside the Bay. I’ve been meaning to post at length about this soon, too. Wishing her and her family all that is good inshaAllah. May they all find peace and light.

  10. samaha says:

    Thank you Irving for all of the posts and attention that you have drawn to this senseless tragedy.

    I have finally posted in regards to her as well.

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