The Path to the Great Spirit

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“We should understand well that all things are the works of the Great Spirit…and even more important, we should understand deeply in our hearts that He is also above all this, then we will fear, and love, and know the Great Spirit, and then we will be and act and live as He intends.”

– Black Elk  (Chief of the Oglala Sioux)

Alhamdulillah! No Sufi Master could have encapsulated as well the meaning of the adab, the courtesy and etiquette of everyday life, as a reflection of Allah’s intention for His servants. Whether the Native American spiritual path or the Sufi path, or any other of the mystic paths that all lead to the One, the way is the same:  Awe of Allah’s Majesty and devoted Love of Him expressed by our service to others.

Ya Haqq!

Note: The words of Black Elk were taken from an article in the Summer, 2006 issue of Sufi Magazine entitled The Red Road: The Spiritual Path of the Native Americans. To subscribe to Sufi Magazine, click here.


3 Responses to The Path to the Great Spirit

  1. nisa says:

    Salaams Brother Irving – Got the book yesterday. Havent put it down. Saving some for later tonight. I love it! So many gems to ponder and i cant wait to get to the jinn world. I almost want to peek… grrr. OOOO, cant wait. I’m so happy youre writing more. I will be reading this to my children someday, inshallah!

  2. Irving says:

    Salaams Dear Sister Nisa:
    Thank you for the kind words :) Inshallah, your children will read it to their children also.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Salaam Brother Irving

    English version of Sufi magazine is infrequent in Iran , but i could found this issue. I saw that this article is being with a short text of Dr. Nurbakhsh about contemporary culture. I have this objection on modernism. It’s a byword that we tell in Iran : Everyting is good only on old mode.
    I believe it and today I’m looking for wisdom of Ogala Sioux and not modern philosophy that make peaple lost true.

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