The Tongue of Faith and the Path of Love

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

The excellent Islamic blog The Enlightenment has this quote up today on the theme of Superficiality.

Imam Husayn [a] said: “Verily, people are the slaves of the world and their religion is superficial, only on their tongues. They are attentive to it as long as their material benefits are provided, but when they are tested, the number of true devotees dwindles.” (Bihar-ul-Anwar)

Here is a quote adapted from the Sufi novel Master of the Jinn on the same theme.

“O darvish! “When God created mankind, all of them claimed to love Him, so He created the pleasures of the world, and nine-tenths of them immediately deserted Him, and there remained but one-tenth. Then God created the glory of paradise, and nine-tenths again deserted Him, and only one-tenth of the tenth remained. And then He imposed upon those that were left one particle of affliction, and nine-tenths of these also fled from Him.

“Such is the lot of humanity, torn between pleasure, hope, and despair. Yet those that remained, that tenth of a tenth of a tenth, are the Elect. They did not desire the world, nor seek after paradise, nor flee from suffering. It was God alone they desired, and though there is imposed on them such suffering and terror that even the mountains tremble, they do not abandon their love and devotion. They are indeed God’s servants and true lovers.”

Such words remind this unworthy darvish at least of how far he has yet to go on the Sufi path. May Allah extend His grace and compassion on all who struggle and love in His Holy name. May He strengthen their hearts and grant endurance to their limbs as they walk step by step on His path.

Ya Haqq!


3 Responses to The Tongue of Faith and the Path of Love

  1. Abbas says:

    With all that being said.. we must keep in mind that Allah will not test us with something we cannot handle. It may be very difficult but its possible to overcome. And the true believers will be victorious. Those that sacrifice their mind and heart for Allah’s (swt) sake.


    PS: thanks for the complement.. :)

  2. Irving says:

    Your words are true, brother Abbas, and as Hazrat Inayat Khan has said:


    And you certainly deserved the compliment :)

  3. Salaam , Dear Brother Iraving and Abbas

    Thank you very much for share it with us.

    Ya Haqq

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