God’s Mercy and the Sufi Path of Love

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

To follow the path of Love is indeed to be a servant, unto God and to your fellow creatures, so that they may also find their way. Thus came the word of God’s Mercy into the heart of Dhu’l-Nun the Egyptian, as was related long ago…

“And God said unto His servant: ‘If there comes to you one sick through separation from Me, heal him, or a fugitive from Me, seek him out, or afraid of Me, then reassure him, or wishing union with Me, then show him favor, or seeking to approach Me, encourage him, or despairing of My grace, help him, or hoping for My loving-kindness, give him good news, or with right thoughts of Me, then welcome him, or seeking to know My attributes, guide him.

And if one who is injured asks help of you, give it to him, but if he is doing evil in despite of loving-kindness, then remonstrate him, or if he is forgetful of it, then remind him, and if he goes astray, search for him. For you have I predestined for My work, and you have I appointed for My service.”

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7 Responses to God’s Mercy and the Sufi Path of Love

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    Salaams Irving,

    A beautiful story, jazak Allah.

    Ya Allah! How I need Your healing.

    Ma’as salama,
    Abdur Rahman

  2. Salaam Dear Brother Abdur Rahman:
    Allah is the best of Physicians, both pain and cure.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Abbas says:

    Great story! MashaAllah, bro.

  4. The Prophecy says:


    If only the exoterics would not instill such a dark, vengeful image of God…

    How badly we misunderstand God Who’s swiftly and seemlessly painting the picture of Existence around us…. sustaining us…. and in what difficulties do we put our live by refusing to see His mercy.

  5. Alhamdulillah! You speak the truth, dear Prophecy. May Allah guide us all on the right path.

    Ya Haqq!

  6. Ramli says:

    Amboi….sebuah kisah yang menyejukkan.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear brother Irving,

    This post really touches my heart. And it makes me wonder… if we are all servants of God, and if we find ourselves meeting people in need, must we not extend loving-kindness to them? ..eventhough we may feel we ourselves are always in need of God’s loving kindness…
    For some times it has so happened with me that I meet people in whom I see my own struggle of looking for direction- but more often than not, people may not be aware of what they are really looking for- so I try to help them because I know what they are going through as I myself have been through the same… Eventhough, I am only a novice on the path of love…
    Should I give in the way of loving kindness what I know of it, what I know of loving… for at times, it doesn’t make sense to me… because I think for the most part, when I meet someone in that state of ‘looking’- I try to help them, through love… but may be because my nafs is not purified, I cannot always extend that great love of God- but every time, I try to remember that whatever I give, comes from God…
    And some times, in the way of loving kindness, people begin to love you. As in, they fall in love with you…
    I love them too, but I am not ‘in love’ with them… if you know what I mean.. so it gets a bit.. confusing.. I dont know if any of what I said make sense, I just wanted to say it I guess :)

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