The Wali Woman

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

Just after posting The Friend of God quote this morning, an email came from a dervish sister in Bosnia. She has given her permission to post it, though she asked to have her imperfect English corrected. That has been done, but only a little; the story is so strong in her own telling. Then another email came from the sister. Both are below.


Two days ago I met a women, a sister, her face and eyes were radiating with light; she look very young (in fact she is 59 years old). She is humble, patient,.quiet, she performs all prayers and salat with love for Allah, she accepts and respects everything and has deep respect for all humanity. She does not know much about Sufism.

I let her see video of Zikrullah, her comment was “Everything where Allah’s name is spoken is beautiful.”
She does not care for pleasures, food for example..
I offered her very simple food; eggs, tomatoes and
bread…her heart was very happy. She said “Audy billahi
and Alhamdullilah” before we started to eat.

She eats food like it was something very expensive, delivered from best restaurant. In her presence I experienced what is ‘real’ table of lovers. What is meal with FRIENDS…What is this woman? I asked her some question, to see how and if she received “the light.’ She told me she was very different before, she even told me about pain in
her chest, the feeling and knowledge about how Allah is
changing hearts in some area between chest and heart.

She Does Not Know About “TRANSMISSION” but transmission take place in her heart. She is constantly aware of Allah’s presence, she is in LOVE, but she does not know about Sufi teachers, she does not know about Rabiyya el-Adevija, Ibn Arabi… she can’t participate in discussion about philosophy, she is not author, painter, she does not write poems, she is ONLY giving love and light to the people around her. What is this women? Is she Sufi and
still not aware of her self to be a Sufi, is she Wali, or only a beautiful soul, beautiful human, example for the others, including myself? I am very thankful to person who made possible for me to meet and learn from this beautiful soul. I have feeling, during her visit at my home (12 hours together) I learned more then with some teachers with ‘permission’ to teach .She was sent
to clean my heart (not knowing), after it was very hurt
and broken, she cleaned my family members hearts too, only by her light and peace, which is constantly radiating around her person. She was doing what Allah order her to do…By observing I realized what a person is supposed to look with NO EGO, person who is constantly in
prayers, connected to the love, light, peace, in harmony
with both worlds. I feel honored, this was great gift to meet this soul, look at her beautiful eyes, see light and permanently be aware. This are not ‘normal’ eyes, they are more like beautiful blue flowers and light is radiating from
them…So many persons like this women are walking this planet, simple people, with no pretensions to have ‘name’ ‘position’ or to impress others with their
knowledge about philosophy, poetry, by using high
educated language, talking for hours without saying
much! By observing her I was given to see real ‘submitted’
soul in Islam and salaam.The heaviness from my
heart was lifted up by the light this average women,
with no high education, is able to give .She performed
surgery on my heart, not knowing that she is .surgeon.

I’m very happy and honored I met this real
Friend .Mashallah! She helped me to climb again over
the threshold, helped me to enter, when I was sent away
from the door! Did anybody have right to turn away the soul “from the door”? I think real Friend is pure soul, plain, and because of this beautiful! The Friend is the one who has love for all humanity.


There is something more I wanted to write to you about this DEAR SOUL. I already come to my computer with this intention.
Her name! Her name is so strange, I never hear before in my life. Her name is SHAHKA. No women in Bosnia have this name. The name indicates the word Shach = king, only hers is female version. She does not know anything about it, only her grandmother insist to name her with this name.
I can only give advise from what I was ‘told’ last January, we all must support each other, form our little circle of love and light.



2 Responses to The Wali Woman

  1. asmaa says:

    How beautiful.

    Imam Al Haddad said; “The ego indeed is an inciter to evil save when my Lord shows Mercy; my Lord is indeed Forgiving, Mericful. The ego is an enemy and an enemy should never be trusted.”


  2. uthmanibnsabeel says:

    Beautiful. Even through the narrative I can feel that light she speaks of.

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